How To Force 4G Network On Android Smartphones

You’ve never found yourself in a situation where you know that there is enough 4G signal at the place where you are and that your smartphone is compatible, but your smartphone does not stay in 4G and always on 3G?

How to Force 4G Network on Android Smartphones
How to Force 4G Network on Android Smartphones

Me, I often have this problem when I’m at home, my Xiaomi smartphone ( Redmi Note 7 ) always switches between 4G / 3G. If you also have this same concern, do not worry, I have the right solution: Here is how to force the 4G on your Android regardless of the brand: Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Tecno, Infinix, etc.

How to Force 4G Network on Android Smartphones

As you can see in the screen shot below, the selected network type is “Preferred LTE” and not “LTE Only”. This means that when the 4G signal is not strong, the smartphone will go directly to 3G. Which is a good thing to save the battery, but not for the speed of the internet connection.

We are already used to the speed of light (4G), so here are two ways to force a smartphone to stay in 4G. The first, a manual method and the second uses an application.

Prerequisites : You are not going to transform a 3G phone into 4G, Your phone must be 4G compatible before forcing 4G, see how to check if your smartphone is 4G and the 4G / LTE bands it supports.

Step 1: Dial * # * # 4636 # * # * or * # 36446337 #. This code will open a Secret Test menu. Select the relevant Sim card.

Step 2: Here we can see that the network type is 4G / 3G (LTE / TS-SCDMA / UMTS). Click on it and choose “LTE Only”.

That’s all. You can see that the network goes directly into 4G and will not go back to 3G unless I change manually.

Force 4G on an Android Phone with an Application

There are several APKs to force 4G on the Play Store, but the one I prefer is 4G LTE Switcher (no ads) because this application has no ads and does not ask the root.

When you open it, it directs you directly to the secret test menu to force 4G.


If you have trouble making calls in “LTE Only” mode then reset the normal mode (4G preferred) to make calls without problems.

If you have other options choose only 4G, please list them in the comments section. Please note that there is no point in forcing 4G if your operator does not support it.

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