Fortnite Battle Royale | Week 8 Challenges

In this guide, you will find all the challenges present in Fortnite Week 8, of course we will also see how to complete them. Through a rumor, the challenges of Week 8 of Fortnite Battle Royale have been unveiled in advance. So let’s see what are the challenges to overcome in the Fort Royale Weekly Battle Royale.

As mentioned, the challenges you will find below refer to Week 8 of Season 3, these can be tackled from Thursday 12 April onwards.

As with past challenges, also in this case, upon completion of the trials we will get XP points and Battle Stars, useful for reaching tier 100 and unlocking the High Intensity Hang Glider.

We remind you that these rewards will only be available through the Battle Pass .

If you don’t want to wait any longer, you can watch the video below that shows how to overcome and find each challenge of week 8 , while all 7 challenges are listed and described below.

Fortnite Battle Royale Guide – Challenges of the Week 8

Use a vending machine – 5 stars

With the new vending machines on the game map, you can trade resources for weapons and items. Here is a simple map with the location of all Fortnite vending machines.

Inflicting 1000 damage to opponents with explosive weapons – 5 Stars

As you know, explosive weapons allow you to generate high damage. To complete this challenge we advise you to use guided missiles, grenade launchers, remote controlled explosives and of course grenades, you will be able to reach the threshold of 1000 damage points without major problems.

Look for chests at Snobby Beaches – 5 Stars

For this task you will have to move to the Snob Beaches, here you can find 7 chests that will allow you to complete this quest.

Dance on different dance floors – 5 Stars

Just use the dance emote on three different dance floors. Follow the video posted above to find the various dance floors available in Fortinite.

Search for treasure among three boats – 10 stars

Also this week we will have to carry out a treasure hunt. Here’s where to find the treasure in the map below:

Fortnite Battle Royale | Week 8 Challenges

Eliminate enemies with assault rifles (Hard) – 10 Stars

In this test you will have to eliminate 5 enemies using only assault rifles.

Eliminate opponents in Moldy Warehouse – 10 Stars

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