10 Free Android Spy Apps for Cheating Spouse (100% Works!)

Are you worried about your spouse cheating on you? Have you encountered their weird behaviors? Do you fear confrontation without having substantial proof?

Well, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the best 10 Free Android Spy Apps for Cheating Spouses.

10 Free Android Spy Apps for Cheating Spouse (100% Works!)

There is undoubtedly a surfeit of spyware apps present today, but you need to investigate the features that make an app suitable for you.

We will help you get rid of your perplexity by enlisting the top spy apps in the market today. Why wait then? Let’s begin!



The number one spying software currently in the market, Spyier is one of the most famous spy apps today. It is also quoted by multiple media platforms like Buzzfeed, Forbes, and Lifewire. Since people have chosen it from more than 190 countries, its reliability is unquestionable.

Spyier comes with many features, including location tracking, access to call logs, chats, messages, calendars, sim card information, etc.

You can try all of these in “stealth mode” and require only 5-minutes access to the target phone for installation of the app. What’s best is, you would not need to root the target phone, just install the app and start accessing it remotely.



Minspy is another excellent app that allows careful monitoring of target devices without any hassle. If you are looking for the most effective spying apps for Android, Minspy is all that you need. It is an all-in-one stop for your monitoring requirements and will live up to its hype.

Being used all across the globe, it is treatable and safe. Minspy offers all the basic spying features and could be installed in a breath. Since the app weighs just 2Mb, your spouse would never find out that you have been checking upon them.



Using a spy app could be incredibly cumbersome when you have to root the target phone. Thanks to apps like Spyic, you don’t need to do that anymore.

A simple installation of the app will allow you to go ghost and monitor your partner’s online and offline activities.

Talking about the user interface, it’s incredibly intuitive and developed, keeping in mind the modern needs of an individual. The Android app of Spyic is merely 2MB, and its icon is hideable. That means you can be undercover without raising suspicion in the mind of the target.



As the name suggests, Neatspy will fulfill all your monitoring needs without leaving any traces. Due to its impeccable features and services, Neatspy made headlines in some of the well-known tech- news channels. Being in the market for a considerable time now, we can say that it’s pretty authentic.

The app encompasses all the features a user might need to track their spouse’s online and offline activities. It is easy to install and doesn’t require any hacking or rooting of the target’s phone, which sets it apart.



Spyzie, like all the other apps in this list, Spyzie does what it is meant to do. It has all the features that you might expect from a phone spy app, and additionally, it’s easy to use. If monitoring you’d kids is among your top spying needs, this app is just right for you.

Want to track your spouse’s location, know where they are going and whom they talk to? Spyzie will enable you to access all this information with a few clicks on your device.

Additionally, if you ever get lost and need help, the website’s commendable customer service will assist you in no time.


Safespy is not a new name in the world of spying software. Our list would be incomplete without its inclusion. Owing to its excellent features and great usability, it has gained the goodwill of many customers worldwide.

The app could be installed in the same way as the previous ones in our list and takes very little space. It’s almost impossible for the target to find out its existence in their phones.

Coming with advanced features like Geofencing and keylogging, it’s an unmissable option for anyone who’s looking for a freeable spy app.


Fonemonitor is a spying app developed for those with genuine intentions of monitoring their kids and employees. However, you can install this app on your spouse’s phone to see what they have been up to. You can track the usage of almost all apps on the target device and also block them if necessary.

The setting up process of Fonemoniter is exceptionally unsophisticated. You just need to install it on your partner’s phone and create an account on its official website.

Once done, your account will link with the target device and give you access to its call logs, messages, social media, location, etc.


Cocospy is quite a straightforward spying software that doesn’t have any extra elements. It’s the simplicity of this app that makes it stand out. With a super-easy UI, it has made an impressive spot in the area of surveillance and spying apps.

Coming with stealth mode, it requires no rooting of the target android phone. The smaller size of the app keeps it unnoticeable, and in turn, your identity remains anonymous. All in all, Cocospy does everything that is advised by its creators and offers a fair experience to its users.


When you dig a little deeper about spy apps, you’ll come to know that most of them are spammy and waste user’s time.

If you find it difficult to rely on any app, I would suggest you go with Spyine. It is used by millions today and reviewed positively by some of the most prominent media outlets.

Many online monitoring apps compromise with the users’ data and come with sophisticated setup processes, but such is not the case with Spine. It is easy to use and offers some advanced features like keylogging and GPS location tracking.


Teensafe has initially been advertised as an app developed for parenting assistance but could be used for monitoring your partner’s activities as well. Though the app is not as advanced as the others in this list, we can say that it performs its tasks quite decently.

Equipped with all the necessary features, signing up is free for this tool. If you require spying software only for a short period, I suggest you go with this inexpensive yet efficient app.


I hope you can dredge out a suitable spy app for your requirements from the 10 Free Android Spy Apps for cheating Spouses mentioned above.

In any case, don’t forget to look into the laws of your state once before using such a tool. Though most states allow the usage of such spyware programs, nothing goes into taking an extra step of care.

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