Free Fire: How To Buy Diamonds With Hype Discounts

Buy Diamonds with Hype Discounts: Free Fire, Battle Royale of Garena available for download on mobile phones Android and iPhone ( iOS ), allows players to buy unique items with diamonds, digital currency of the game.

Free Fire: How to Buy Diamonds with Hype Discounts

Diamond purchases can be made by Hype , a LevelUp online store specializing in the sale of digital PC games and coins . At the moment, Hype offers 10% discounts when buying FF diamonds. See the step by step on how to buy diamonds through the portal below.

Free Fire: How to Buy Diamonds with Hype Discounts

The tutorial was performed on the PC, but can also be done similarly on other operating systems and mobile devices.

Step 1. Access the Hype homepage ( and click on “Free Fire Diamonds” in the menu;

Step 2. On the page dedicated to “Free Fire Diamonds”, check the available offers and click on “Buy” in the chosen option;

Step 3. After choosing, hover over “My Bag” and later on “Buy”;

Step 4. Enter the e-mail address and click on “Proceed”;

Step 5. Fill in the form with your full name and password and then click on “Create account”;

Step 6. In the first part, enter your personal data, such as name, CPF, date of birth, telephone and home address. At the end, click on “Save and continue”;

Step 7. In “Payment method”, select one of the ways to pay for the diamonds: PicPay, credit card, debit card or account debit;

Step 8. Depending on the payment method chosen, fill in the data requested by Hype. In this tutorial, we use the credit card. After filling, click on “Checkout”;

Step 9. After confirming the purchase, access the Hype home page again, hover over the profile and click on “Inventory”;

Step 10. In “My Inventory”, click on the package of diamonds purchased and, later, on “Redeem”;

Step 11. Enter the Free Fire account code and click on “Confirm and enter credits”. Don’t forget to check the box to confirm that this is your Free Fire ID.

Follow our above steps to Buy Diamonds with Hype Discounts. If you feel any problem, comment us in comment box.

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