How to Have Free HBO GO Accounts [Updated List 2023]

Hello, in this post I will explain all the ways that currently exist to getFree HBO GO accounts.But first I will explain to you if you do not know what this company offers us and why it has become so famous lately.

How to Have Free HBO GO Accounts
How to Have Free HBO GO Accounts

What is HBO GO?

It is a company that offers us the streaming service, being able to enjoy our series, movies and series, wherever we want, as long as we have an internet connection and a purchased subscription.

Why buy HBO GO?

Many people wonder why they want HBO GO if they already have Netflix. Well, the most effective answer is the QUALITY OF THE CONTENT; Well, the advantage that this company has over the others are its fantastic productions, such as Game of Thrones, which influenced the success of this one too much.

What is the price of HBO GO?

To purchase a subscription to this service, it can currently be obtained from a participating provider (VARIABLY IN EACH COUNTRY). Or through Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore by downloading the HBO application on their respective devices.

HBO GO AppStore
HBO GO PlayStore

How to have Free HBO GO Accounts?

Next, we will explain how the methods work to get free accounts 100% legal and without any deception.


Like almost all streaming services, they offer us the great option of applying for the promotion of the first month for free.

How do we get it?We must enter the Play Store or AppStore depending on the device you enter, we must also have a card associated with our account.

We enter the application and choose the free membership and that’s it.IMPORTANT:You mustcancel the subscriptionbefore reaching 30 days to avoid being charged for the second month.


Although you may not know it, some companies that provide television or internet service apply to the HBO GO promotion, free of charge. Next, we will show you some companies that serve.Here’s yours?.

In Colombia, when you buy a premium television or internet service from the following companies, you can purchase access to HBO GO, for free.

Clear / Clear Video
Employee / Guest

If you have a service contracted to these companies, you can verify if they offer you HBO GO premium,TOTALLY FREE


The method of shared accounts is the most used method in subscription platforms. What does it consist of?

It basically consists of agreeing with other people to collect together the value of the subscription. For example: If the account is worth 20 Dollars, you meet with three friends and only pay 5 Dollars, so the 4 can enjoy an account paying only 25% of it.


The best way that currently exists is a promotion offered by DIRECTV, which consists of: The first thing you should do is have to purchase the HBO MAX channel and be registered in MiDIRECTV. This way you will get an HBO GO account for 2 years free.

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