Free Ninja Heroes VIP Account 2021

80+ Free Ninja Heroes VIP Accounts Max Level 2021– Ninja Heroes is an RPG game that elevates the world of Naruto as its main theme.

In this game you can train your ninja to be able to fight and face enemies. But even so, you can start the game with Naruto and can recruit more than 100 different characters throughout the game.

Free Ninja Heroes VIP Account
Free Ninja Heroes VIP Account

Free Ninja Heroes VIP Account

Some of the characters or heroes in this game are characters that can be found in the Naruto anime but there are also some characters who are developmental characters from the Naruto world and are presented in this game.

In other words these characters are not in the Naruto animation but still has a connection with the theme of the story that is raised from the world of Naruto.

At a glance

This game uses a very simple Ninja battle system so that players only have to watch the fight during the fight, but fortunately this game presents a very epic and spectacular battle so you can see if each character who is fighting will issue a special attack or move. which is the same as the Naruto anime that you watch.

Apart from doing fierce battles, you can also do other activities in the ninja village such as training ninjas to be taught some new fighting techniques, improving attributes and also being able to recruit as many ninjas as possible to join your group and change the ranks of the attacking team. buddy have.

So you could say thatNinja Heroesis a very entertaining RPG game with a graphic design that is extraordinarily beautiful and also very attractive for Naruto fans.

Not only that, in this game, you can find every character with special techniques and there are also lots of iconic landscapes from the Naruto series that are present in this game which is wrapped in very extraordinary graphics.


In this game, there are backgrounds or game modes that can be played. Here you will control the protagonist named Satsuki Kiryuuin and you will be taken to continue the game while fighting using various characters.

This game also provides a scenario or storyline taken from episode 8 which comes from the Naruto anime and written by the anime writer himself, Kazuki Nakashima. So that in this game you will feel an unforgettable playing experience.

Game Mode

There are several game modes that can be played in this game, namely.


In this mode, you will only learn about the basics of control of the game together with the supervisor who will lead you through this mode, namely the Sewing Club, Iori Shiro.

Training Mode

The next mode is a training mode that allows you to set the stage, character, AI behavior and many others. There are also additional settings here such as regeneration and blood levels.

Win – Through Challenge

This game also provides a Win – Through Challenge mode which allows you to fight CPU enemies that you can randomly use to choose your favorite character to use.

The Covers Challenge

The next mode is a one-on-one mode where you can fight the COVERS who will be present, who will be able to get various items to increase your character’s ketsui level and statistics during battle. Meanwhile, there are three types of Covers Challenge that you can choose from, including:

  1. The 1-Minute Challenge will challenge you to defeat as many enemies as possible in just one minute. You can also extend the time by using items that fell from the enemies you defeated.
  • The 100 Challenge will challenge you to fight to finish about a hundred enemies as fast as you can.
  • The Endless Battle in this game mode you will be able to fight continuously without until all the enemies you are fighting run out and you bleed out.

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Because this game is one of the most popular games, especially for those fans of the Naruto anime, it’s no wonder that this Ninja Heroes game free account will always be invaded by game lovers. So you all have to move fast if you want to get the free account above.


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