Fun and Entertaining | The Best Free Games for Kids

Parents, today more than ever, realize that the price of most everything is increasing. No matter your income level, finding games that engage kids and don’t cost an arm and leg seems like a daunting task.

Look no further! Check out this list of free games for kids. The games are fun, entertaining and many teach critical thinking skills and problem-solving.

Fun and Entertaining | The Best Free Games for Kids
Fun and Entertaining | The Best Free Games for Kids

Fun and Entertaining | The Best Free Games for Kids

Making the list for fun learning games for kids on Android and iOS tablet are:

Toca Kitchen 2.

This game provides learning and play. Create meals and even your own recipes!

Crossy Road

With over 100 characters, play this Frogger-like game and avoid being flattened by oncoming trains.

Fruit Ninja

Using your finger as a sword, swipe and hack pieces of fruit-just don’t slice a game-ending bomb!

Super Stickman Golf 3

Kids don’t have to like golf to enjoy this game where you’re whacking balls across castles, laser bases, and floating islands!


Kids work together in this game to try and outrun an exploding star!

Lego Tower

Your Lego maniacs have this digital option to build their best Lego tower when real blocks are not available.

Llama Spit Spit

A spin on a shooting game that kids young and old enjoy. A flying llama blasts cartoon enemies with spit and high-powered weapons!

Sago Mini Friends

This game delights children with a digital playdate that includes activities that require problem solving, creativity, and puzzles.

Frisbee Forever 2

Guide your disc through this game and collect stars along the way. With a Nintendo-like feel and smart design, digital frisbee is surprisingly fun for all.


Create worlds with your finger and travel through straightforward paths to help a robot reach its goals.

PCs are more difficult to operate than a tablet, but if your kid can handle a mouse/trackpad, touchscreen, and keyboard, then these free games are sure to be a hit!

Quick, Draw

Does your kid enjoy drawing or doodling? This game is sure to satisfy your budding artist. Problem-solving and thinking skills are utilized as kids draw clues to describe an object.


This game’s busy and chaotic play is reminiscent of many arcade games of the past. Work your way through mazes, find a key, and get to the exit.

Contre Jour

The goal of this game is to get Petit to the exit! Not so easy, however! This puzzle is great for kids and families to play and solve together.


Think Indiana Jones as players explore caves, jump around, collect treasure, and encounter monsters.

Super Crate Box

The character in this game jumps around grabbing crates and shooting monsters. This game is fast-paced and entertaining with cartoon bazookas and plenty of green creatures.

VVVVVV: Make and Play Edition

Help the game character escape from a maze with dangerous spikes and enemies roaming around that hinder progress.

Cube Slam

If you were a fan of Pong, then this game in 3D that you play with a bear or a friend.

World’s Biggest Pac-Man

This Pac-man game features hundreds of thousands of mazes that kids are sure to love!

Little Alchemy 2

Begin with some building blocks, combine and create new things. Logic and some book smarts are needed to solve these puzzles.

Escape Goat

A jumping bovid needs to reach the exit, but it’s going to take some brainpower, lots of jumping, and maybe some help from a mouse.

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