Games Types And Skills You Develop With Online Games

Gone are the days when games were seen only as entertainment. Today, it is possible to extract methodologies from online games to solve everyday problems and, going further, use them for professional training, job interviews and tests that assess a person’s profile.

Games Types and Skills You Develop with Online Games
Games Types and Skills You Develop with Online Games

Games Types and Skills You Develop with Online Games

Types of Online Games

Due to the accelerated growth of the gaming industry, the number of people interested in this market has increased considerably. But, to enter this world once and for all, you need to know the genres of online games and how they differ.

Cards Games

Based on the most traditional card games in the world, electronic card games available on cell phones and computers have skills beyond reasoning: more fierce competitiveness and strategy. We list the most popular games of the genre so you can enjoy and start playing right now:

Ander Bahar

The Andar Bahar game is an very popular card game that is developed from India. Recently, the online version of the game has become just as popular and is now available to play at Casumo Live Casino. Here is how to play Andar Bahar won’t take long at all and with this little guide.

The Andar Bahar game is played with one player and one dealer using a standard 52-card deck. All cards have their normal standard value. The aim of the game is not to collect specific hands so no card combinations apply to this game.

How to start playing Andar Bahar at Casumo

  • First, log in with your Casumo account using your computer or mobile. •Once logged in, make a deposit.
  • Select the Live Casino Tab.
  • Choose the Andar Bahar game.
  • Select the amount you want to wager.
  • Place your bet and enjoy!


It is a very strategic online card game, created by Bizzard Entertainment. In addition to being the first free game of the brand, it is also the first to be launched on digital mobile platforms.

Legends of Runeterra

From the same world and scenario of League of Legends (LOL), this is an electronic collectible card game, free and published by Riot Games. It is a very new game, released in April this year, and available for all mobile devices.

Magic The Gathering Arena

It is a TCG (trading card game or collectible card game ), that is, a strategy game in which the player needs to build a personalized deck and face other gamers, in order to defeat the opponent.

Battle Royale Games

Another genre in wide scope in electronic games, Battle Royale mixes some points of exploration with survival, addressing equipment and weapons, in which the goal is to be the last survivor. Check out the main ones below:


Translated into Portuguese as a battleground for the unknown player, PUBG – PlayerUnknown´s Battlegrounds is a major brand within the gamer industry, with more than 70 million sales for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Launched in 2001, Fortnite presents itself as a variety of game modes that have the same gameplay and graphics engine. Available for download on Windows, Mac, Apple Play and Android.

Free Fire

In a format exclusively for mobile, Free Fire is one of the most beloved of gamers as a momentary distraction, since each game lasts about ten minutes. In it, the gamer is launched on a desert island with over 50 players, where everyone seeks to survive.

Apex Legends

With characters of the most varied types – soldiers, misanthropes, eccentrics and outlaws, this is a game that explores the unique skills of each player. Ah, important point: when you start playing, they can start calling you a legend.

Other types of online games

As we have seen, the range of electronic game genres is wide and, regardless of your taste or style, there will be a game aimed at you. In addition, we look for some video games that do not fit the topics above but are highly sought after in the geek universe and have particularities regarding the theme. Check it out below:

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a multiplayer RPG electronic game, which was created and developed by the companies NCSoft and ArenaNet.

Gears of War

Online game series developed by Epic Games and granted publishing rights to Xbox Game Studios. These are third-person shooter games and has already won the prize for the strongest heroes in history (VGX).

War Thunder

One of the best virtual simulators for aerial, armored and naval combat. The scenario gets attention for going through the Second World War and the Cold War. It is quite interesting, worth checking out!

World of Tanks

Game-style free-to-play multiplayer online created by the Belarusian Russian Wargaming. It features combat vehicles from the 20th century and the goal is a player versus player gameplay, in which both control their vehicles.

World of Warship

Another game with an eye-catching setting is World of Warship, with a naval war theme. It’s free and available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac OS Classic, Microsoft Windows.

Skills developed when playing games

As we have seen, online games have been gaining more fans every day and serving more than entertainment. Several researches (including one from the University of Denver) have shown the importance of a game in the development of activities for the career, for example.

That is, if you win a video game on the next holiday, know that you just received a great device to exercise your brain, organize your studies, and develop your ability to concentrate – great tools from a professional very well prepared for the job market, huh?

According to the same survey from Denver, those who develop the skills of a good gamer are also 9% more capable of retaining information, for example. Check out some other skills that can be stimulated when playing video games, according to experts:

Increased ability to concentrate

This, of course, is one of the main skills that can be developed through online games. A gamer’s ability to concentrate is extremely high, so he hardly takes his eyes off the monitor if someone interrupts him with something.

This experience is taken to work, where the focus is one of the premises for being more productive during working hours.

Mindset focused on evolution

Pass the level. Become stronger. Get to the big boss. The evolution-focused mindset is a classic feature of online games and can easily be translated into an employee’s day-to-day life within the company, since, for evolution to occur, you need to plan to get to the next stage, through players’ strategic thinking and betting on challenges throughout the match and / or the stage.

This is very similar to the development of a professional, who breaks his own barriers to grow within an organization, but, for that, it takes intelligence to set goals and know how to follow them.

Problem solving

The game is configured based on the objective that needs to be achieved, this is quite clear. But, for that, it is essential to respect rules and solve the problems that arise along the way.

Thus, it is necessary to align the goal with problem solving strategies to make the best decision, overcoming adversity and remaining focused on the final goal, on what is really important.

The above paragraph concerns games, but it fits very well in a work environment, right? For this reason, problem solving is a skill highly sought by recruiters and, if you have developed it, you have a good chance of being ahead in a selection process. Do you want to train your problem solving skills to grow your career? Bet on virtual games!

Teamwork ability

Many games are collaborative and depend on a whole team to reach the common goal. Because of this, the ability to work as a team is also an outstanding skill of the players, who need to be in contact with others all the time and, more than that, depend on other people for the game to unfold. The point here is cooperation and trust.

Among the games that require teamwork, the MMORRGS stand out – which involve hundreds of players who take on roles of different characters but who need to interact with each other to share the same objective or similar goal, and the MOBA – which involve several players who work in a single team on a map, level or world defined by the stage of the game, that is, it is a battle of teams.


A considerable part of the games features fantastic characters and illusory contexts, which makes the player open his mind and understand the playful world through imagination. Because of this, creativity is another skill developed by players, who are in constant contact with the playful universe.

Working with what differs from the traditional, bringing innovative ideas and thinking outside the box are three points that large companies, and the most modern ones too, have sought from professionals. That is, one more point for gamers in this aspect of creativity.

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