How to Get Approved By Google AdSense (Complete Tips)

Google AdSense is a service that allows you to make money from your website by displaying ads that are relevant to your content. You just need to register, create an ad code and paste it on your site. Google will pay you every time a visitor clicks on your ad. So: How to Get Approved by Google AdSense?

Complete Tips: To Get Approved by Google AdSense

Complete Tips: To Get Approved by Google AdSense

To get approval from Google AdSense, you must meet several eligibility requirements, such as having unique and interesting original content, having your own domain, complying with AdSense program policies, etc. If you violate AdSense program policies, your account may be suspended or terminated.

1. General Requirements

The general requirements that must be met to be approved by Google AdSense are:

  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You must have original content that complies with Google AdSense policies.
  • You must have a website that you want to use to participate in AdSense.
  • You should have a sufficient amount of content on your website. Some sources suggest at least 15-30 posts on a blog.

2. Requirements For Content

Here are some requirements for content needed to be Approved by Google AdSense:

  • Make sure website navigation is easy and clear.
  • Create interesting and unique content.
  • Just use Google AdSense.
  • Already has 10-15 active articles.
  • Content must be original, unique and interesting.
  • Comply with policies.
  • Pay attention to the minimum post/article limit.
  • Complete the required pages.
  • Include complete information.

3. The Importance of Quality Content

Quality content is one of the important factors to be approved by Google AdSense. Quality content is content that is relevant, informative, original and useful for your website visitors.

Quality content can increase your chances of being accepted by Google AdSense, improve ad targeting, boost your earnings, and provide a good experience for users and advertisers.

Here are some tips for creating quality content to get Google AdSense Approved:

  • Create unique content and don’t copy from other sources. Google AdSense does not like duplicate or plagiarized content. You should write content in your own style and point of view, and provide credible sources if you quote or reference information from elsewhere.
  • Create interesting content that suits your audience’s interests. You must know what your website visitors are looking for and need, and provide content that meets those needs. You can use tools like Google Trends, Google Analytics, or Google Keyword Planner to find topics and keywords that are popular and relevant to your niche.
  • Create content that is informative and provides added value. Your content must provide accurate, complete, and useful information for readers or visitors to your website. You should avoid content that contains errors of fact, spelling, grammar, or layout. You should also avoid content that is spam in nature, for example content that contains excessive keywords, irrelevant links, or excessive promotions.
  • Create original and creative content. Your content should show your personality and style as a writer or content creator. You can use techniques such as storytelling, humor, analogies, metaphors, or visual data to make your content more interesting and easy to understand. You can also try creating content that is different from the others, for example content in the form of poetry, stories, codes, essays, songs, celebrity parodies, and so on.

By creating quality content to get Google AdSense Approved, you can improve your website’s reputation in the eyes of Google, users and advertisers. Quality content can help you get higher traffic, more ad clicks, better conversions, and greater earnings from Google AdSense.

4. How to Create Interesting Content

To create interesting content so that Google AdSense is approved, you need to pay attention to the following things:

Create valuable and unique content that suits your audience’s interests and needs. You can use Google Trends or Google Question Hub to find popular topics and questions in your field.

To be accepted by Google AdSense, create an attractive and easy-to-navigate site, so visitors can explore your content more deeply and see more ads. You can use News Consumer Insights to analyze your visitor behavior and optimize your internal recirculation.

Give your visitors multiple channels that lead back to your site, such as email, social media, or push notifications. This way, you can increase visitor loyalty and retention, as well as remind them of new or relevant content you create.

Optimize the placement and format of your ads, so they can be seen well without distracting users. You can use Google Analytics to measure your ad performance and get suggestions for improving your AdSense earnings.

5. Apply SEO principles to content

To apply SEO principles to content so that it is approved by Google AdSense, you need to pay attention to the following things:

  • Create quality, original and interesting content for readers. Good content will help you gain traffic, trust and credibility from your site visitors. Apart from that, good content will also increase the relevance of the AdSense ads displayed on your site. You can use keyword tools to find keywords that suit your site’s topic and niche.
  • Create a simple, clean, and easy to navigate site layout and design. This will make it easier for search engines and users to access and understand your site’s content. Avoid using too many elements that can distract or distract users from your content and ads, such as excessive images, animations, pop-ups, etc. Use responsive ad formats or automated ads to adapt AdSense ads to the user’s screen size and resolution.
  • Optimize the titles, meta descriptions, URLs, headings, and image tags on your site pages. These things will help search engines and users to know the topic and content of your site pages. Make sure the title, meta description, and URL contain the main keywords you want to target. Use headings (H1, H2, H3, etc.) to divide content into structured and logical sections. Give images alt and title attributes to describe the image to search engines and users.
  • Improve your site speed and performance. Site speed is one of the factors that influences a site’s ranking in Google search results. A fast site will give users a better experience and increase the likelihood that they will stay on your site and see your ads. You can use tools like PageSpeed ​​Insights or GTmetrix to measure and improve your site speed.
  • Conduct analysis and experiments to measure and improve the performance of your AdSense ads. You can use tools like AdSense reports, AdSense experiments, or Google Analytics to track metrics like ad impressions, ad clicks, ad revenue, ad viewability, etc. You can experiment by changing ad settings like format, color, position, etc. to see which performs better. You can also compare ad performance across different pages, topics, or content types.

These are some SEO principles that you can apply to your content to get Google AdSense approved.

6. Build a Professional Website

An attractive and clean site design, ensuring easy-to-understand navigation, and responsive site speed are important factors in creating a good user experience on your website. Here are some tips to achieve this so that you are approved by Google AdSense:

Attractive and Clean Design: Make sure your site design is attractive by using design elements that suit your brand. Use aesthetic colors and layout. Pay attention to the appearance of your site header because this is the first thing visitors see.

Easy to Understand Navigation: Make navigation simple and clear so users can easily find the content they are looking for. Use terms that are easy to understand and avoid excessive navigation menus. Each navigation menu must have clear context and be relevant to the page.

Site Speed: Make sure your site has good speed. This can be achieved by optimizing images and reducing the number of unnecessary plug-ins. Good site speed will improve the user experience and SEO of your site.

Responsive: Your site design should be responsive, meaning it can adapt well to a variety of devices, including mobile phones and tablets. This will ensure that visitors can comfortably access your site from multiple platforms.

Research and Analysis: Always do research on the latest web design trends and study what your competitors are using. This will help you stay relevant and competitive in the market.

By following these tips, you can create a website that is attractive, easy to navigate, fast, and responsive, improving the user experience and the site’s potential success in getting Google AdSense Approved.

7. Prepare a Privacy Policy and Contact Page

To be accepted by Google AdSense A privacy policy page that provides valid contact information is important because:

Importance of Trust (Trust Building): Providing valid contact information, such as an email address or telephone number, in a privacy policy page helps build user trust in a website or application.

This makes users feel more comfortable because they know that if they have any concerns or questions regarding their privacy, they can contact the responsible entity.

Legal Compliance: Providing valid contact information is also a legal requirement in many jurisdictions. This is because privacy laws require companies and websites to provide a way for individuals to contact them regarding privacy issues.

Transparency and Protection of User Data: The privacy policy page is the place where a website or app must explain how they manage user data. Providing valid contact information allows users to ask questions or make requests regarding their personal data, which promotes transparency and protection of user data.

Response to Questions and Complaints: Valid contacts enable entities to respond quickly to privacy-related questions or complaints. This ensures that users feel heard and that their privacy concerns are addressed properly.

Thus, providing valid contact information on the privacy policy page is a very important step to build trust, comply with the law, and protect user data and get Google AdSense Approved.

8. Understand Google AdSense Rules

To be Approved by Google AdSense, it is mandatory to understand Google AdSense rules, analyze policies, read and understand official guidelines, and avoid policy violations, you can follow these steps:

Read the Google AdSense Beginner’s Guide: Start by reading the Google AdSense beginner’s guide. This guide provides basic information about AdSense policies.

Learn AdSense Program Policies: It is important to understand AdSense Program policies. You can find full details in source 2. This includes rules about what types of content are allowed and prohibited.

Pay attention to the AdSense Policies FAQ: To understand more deeply why AdSense policies exist and how they affect advertisers, users, and publishers, read the AdSense policies FAQ.

Learn from External Sources: Articles can provide additional guidance and tips for beginners.

Always Update Your Knowledge: Google AdSense policies may change, so make sure you always check for the latest updates on the official Google AdSense website and trusted sources.

Following these steps will help you understand and comply with Google AdSense rules, so you can keep your partnership with Google AdSense successful and safe.

9. Waiting for Google Adsense Approval

The Google AdSense approval process involves several factors to be Approved by Google AdSense, and the time required for review can vary. The first stage is to register on Google AdSense, which requires requirements such as a minimum age of 18 years. After submitting your application, you will enter the review stage.

According to the sources provided, the time required for the 2nd stage review can vary. Usually, this stage takes around 2 – 3 working days, sometimes it can take up to 1 month.

Factors that influence review time include whether the review is carried out automatically or manually. If your site requires a more in-depth manual review, the approval process may take longer.

While waiting for approval, you should prepare yourself for possible rejection. Make sure your site or blog complies with all Google AdSense policies. If rejected, you will receive notification via email. You can improve your site and reapply after meeting the required requirements.

So, patience and understanding of the Google AdSense approval process is key during this stage of getting Approved by Google AdSense.

10. Strategies for Overcoming Rejection

Overcoming Google AdSense rejections, analyzing rejection reasons, fixing the site, and reapplying the site are important steps to monitize your website. Here’s a short guide to getting approved by Google AdSense:

Understand Reasons for Rejection: First of all, understand the reasons behind Google AdSense rejection. Common reasons include problematic content, lack of content, or site design issues. Study the reasons given in the rejection notice.

Improve the Site: After understanding the reason for the rejection, make improvements to your site. This may involve adding more relevant content, improving site design, and ensuring compliance with Google AdSense policies. Make sure your content is unique and quality.

Analyzing Feedback: Always monitor user response to your site. Use analytics tools to see how visitors interact with your content. Respond to feedback and suggestions you receive from users.

Reapply: Once you are sure that your site is eligible, reapply for Google AdSense. Make sure you have addressed all the issues that caused the rejection beforehand. Google will double check your site.

Remember that Google AdSense has strict Google AdSense Approval policies, so make sure you understand and comply with all the requirements beforehand. Patience is key, and keep improving your site to increase your chances of being accepted by Google AdSense.


A. In this conclusion, we summarize the important points that have been discussed in this article. We have explained the main requirements for Google AdSense, strategies for preparing appropriate websites and content, as well as the steps in the registration and application process to be Approved by Google AdSense.

B. The importance of patience and consistency should not be overlooked. Getting Google AdSense approval can be a time-consuming process, and the possibility of rejection is normal. Therefore, we must remain patient on this journey and be consistent in improving our site and content.

C. Lastly, we invite readers to keep trying harder. Google AdSense approval is an important step towards monetization of our website. With determination and dedication, we can achieve this goal and start generating income through AdSense ads.

We hope that the Complete Tips for Getting Approved by Google AdSense article helps readers understand the steps required to get Google AdSense approval and encourages them to take the necessary actions to achieve that goal.

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