How to Get Digital Certificate Quickly and Easily

Access to any type of procedure of the Public Administration such as the income statement, application for unemployment or housing benefits, among others, is possible thanks to the digital certificate issued by the FNMT.

How to Obtain the Digital Certificate Quickly and Easily

How to Get Digital Certificate Quickly and Easily

We tell you how to request and get digital certificate online in a few steps and quickly and easily. Everything is explained in detail!

For example, through this certificate you can file tax returns, request a criminal record certificate, request for maternity or paternity benefits or, when the time comes, request pensions, request the Social Security number, among others. others.

Each digital certificate has a unique serial number and is legally valid for four years. Learn how to request it in a few steps with us!

What procedures can I carry out with the electronic or digital certificate?

In the last year, the electronic certificate has become the most basic tool for signing and/or encrypting documents instantly, that is, without the need for prior appointments or waiting in line at Public Administration offices.

With the digital certificate, more than 50 procedures can be carried out, among which are: receipt of notifications from the Treasury, access to the draft of the income statement before its presentation, and direct access to your file in the Sepe.

If you are in ERTE or if you are collecting unemployment, direct access to your work life certificate and personal data held by the General Treasury of Social Security (TGSS), consult and pay debts online, respond to requests received, among others.

And also…

You can also check your clinical history, tests, appointments, etc., see and pay traffic fines at the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic), check university degrees and much more.

In the case of foreigners residing in Spain, it also enables them to present, by themselves, the application for nationality and other procedures such as the renewal of the residence permit.

The digital certificate allows you to consult your ERTE or unemployment file within reach of a click.
Who issues digital certificates?

The state entity in charge of issuing electronic certificates is the National Currency and Stamp Factory (FNMT). This entity issues two different types of digital certificates:

  • 1. Digital certificate that identifies Physical Persons.
  • 2. Certificate of Representative (for legal persons and entities without legal personality).

The Tax Agency, among other entities, acts as the Registry Office for these certificates.
How to obtain the digital certificate, step by step

There are several ways to obtain the electronic certificate. Although the most common obtaining process is to do it through software support (downloadable file) , it can also be obtained with a DNIe.

The global application process consists of a few basic steps that must be followed to the letter, since an error could delay the process of obtaining it.

These are the basic steps that must be followed:

  • Request the certificate from a Certification Authority (CA) via the Internet.
  • Present yourself at a Registry Office for the signature and verification of the applicant’s identity.
  • Download the certificate on a device and make a backup copy for future browsers.

To successfully obtain the digital certificate through software (downloadable file), follow these steps in detail:

Step 1: Download the signature software

The first step begins by downloading software that generates keys, and through which we will sign the documents over the Internet.

This software is called “FNMT-RCM configurator” and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. You can access this download by clicking on this link.

To complete the process successfully, it is important to start and finish the certificate request on the same computer until it is obtained and exported (download and backup).

Step 2: Fill in the online application form

In the second step, you must fill out a very basic form with the following information:

  • Enter NIF or NIE (the number must consist of 9 characters, filling with zeros to the left if necessary).
  • First surname (only the first surname as it appears on the identity document).
  • An e-mail address. Important, check that all the characters in the email are correct since it is to the address where the request code will be sent.

You must accept the delivery conditions through a link that appears below the form. After acceptance, click on “Send Request” .

Step 3: Create the certificate password

After this, a pop-up window will appear with the FNMT configurator (software that we have downloaded). You must click on “Open the FNMT configurator”. Afterward, another window will appear where you will need to set a password to protect your certificate request.

You will need this password later to download the digital certificate on your computer. It is essential that you write it down to avoid mishaps, since if you forget it you will have to start the application process from scratch.

When you set the password, click “OK”. Only then will a notice appear indicating that the certificate request has been carried out successfully and that you will receive an email with a request code. Check your inbox to see if the email has arrived. If you don’t see it, check your spam or junk folder.

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Step 4: Prove your identity at a Registry Office

After filling out the application, you must request an appointment at a Registry Office in your community. There you must prove your identity and signature. It is important that the Registry Office is enabled for “identity accreditation” since not all of them have it.
Where to prove the identity?

One of the most common Registry Offices is the State Tax Administration Agency of your city. However, it is not the only entity. The FNMT has more than 2,400 Identity Accreditation Offices distributed throughout the national territory.

If you request the certificate from abroad, you can go to the Consular Offices of Spain abroad.

Documentation necessary to prove identity

It is very important that you bring the following documentation to the appointment with the Registry Office:

If you are a Spanish citizen:

If you are a foreign citizen residing in Spain:

  • The request code that you received by email.
  • National Identification Document for Foreigners where the NIE is recorded together with the Passport or document from the country of origin.
  • If you do not have the NIE, official document granting the NIE/NIF, together with the passport. Both documents must be valid.

All the previously described documents must be valid and original. The Registry Office may not accept photocopies of identity documents.

Step 5: Download the digital certificate on your computer

After proof of identity, the official of the Registry Office will send you by email the confirmation that your certificate has been issued successfully together with a link (and your request code) that you will need to download the certificate. The download must be done on the same computer from which the request was made.

To download the electronic certificate you must enter your NIF or NIE, your first surname and the code that has been sent to you by email during the application process. Before clicking on “Download Certificate” you must accept the conditions of use of the certificate.

After checking the box and accepting, a window will open in which you will be asked for the password that you set at the time of the request.

After entering the password, the certificate will be automatically downloaded to your computer and to all browsers installed on the computer. At the same time, the key generator will tell you if you want to make a backup copy of the certificate.

It is highly recommended to make a backup on a flash drive.
How to backup the electronic or digital certificate

The backup copy of the FNTM electronic certificate will be protected by your password and you will be able to export it to as many devices as you wish. If you do not make the backup at the time you download the certificate, it is possible to export it from your browser. You just have to follow these steps:

  • 1. Access the browser, for example Chrome.
  • 2. Access the “Customize and control Google Chrome” menu, then click “Settings.”
  • 3. Click on “Advanced settings” and then, in the “Privacy and security” section, click on “Manage certificates”.
  • 4. Your electronic certificate will appear in the “Personal” tab. To make the copy (export it) mark the certificate so that the “Export…” button is enabled and click on it.

Then the export wizard will appear that will guide you at all times during the export. It will ask you for the password to export and import it to another computer, tablet or even mobile.

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How to obtain the digital certificate with DNIe

Requesting the certificate with a DNIe is much easier since it will not be necessary to prove your identity before a Registry Office. Of course, you must have a DNIe reader. Obtain the electronic certificate with DNIe in four very basic steps that must follow this order :

  • Install the necessary software.
  • Request the certificate through a digital form. Make sure that all the information is correct and wait for an email with the request code.
  • Download the Natural Person certificate in approximately 1 hour after the request.
  • Remember to make a backup copy of your certificate after finishing the process.

Important: If you use an Android device with NFC as a DNIe reader, you must use the Firefox browser to make this request.

As you can see, both processes are very simple as long as each step is followed to the letter. Finally, remember that the validity of the certificates does not exceed 5 years. After this time, you can renew your electronic certificate on the same FNMT platform.

If for any reason you want to revoke or annul the digital certificate, you must do so through this link.

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