How to Get Dr Beanie Free Fire’s FF Pet

This is how to get Dr Beanie’s Free Fire FF Pet, of course you shouldn’t miss an opportunity like this. Especially if the initial part is released, how to get a Pet will definitely be easier later.

Moreover, for now we also know, the latest things from the upcoming update. Indeed, there will be lots of interesting updates, to be used by the players when playing.

How to Get Dr Beanie Free Fire's FF Pet
How to Get Dr Beanie Free Fire’s FF Pet

Of course, with all the releases of events like this, it makes all of you excited for the June Patch Free Fire Event.

The prizes that we will get from this Free Fire Game, are indeed many and may not be missed at all. Until you know that there is a way to get Dr Beanie’s Free Fire FF Pet.

This is a pretty good Pet Event and we shouldn’t miss it. Curious how to get the Pet? easy and fast, if you follow the method here.

How to get Dr Beanie Free Fire’s FF Pet

So the presence of a new update for the next patch, we have the presence of Pet Dr Beanie Free Fire who is a Duck. Even so of course it’s very strange, calling Beanie as a Doctor who in fact he is nothing but a Duck.

This new pet does have a pretty good skill, where when we are squatting he will increase his movement speed.

Of course this pet will help all of you, to make it easier to move even if you squat later. To get this pet too, it will indeed be present through several things that will be present in the Free Fire game.

In preparation for this, you want to have a Pet Dr Beanie, to help the flow of the game become more enjoyable later.

Here’s a way for you to try, when you want to get this new pet. Top Up Now for the first one, it’s absolutely certain because in the new update event, there will definitely be Top Up Pets or Characters.

  • You have to prepare money that can top up up to 200 Diamonds only.
  • Then enter the Top Up Event, see how many total Diamond missions you have to fill in this latest Event.
  • If you already know, then you can just top up on the Free Fire game Diamond filling service but choose the LEGAL one.
  • After doing the mission, you can directly enter the game and receive the pet gift.
  • Usually we have to Top Up 140 or 150, to get such a Prize. Buy From Shop.

Buy From Shop

If you really missed the Top Up Event, don’t worry because there are also through the Shop even though the release will be a little later.

  • Enter the Free Fire Shop Feature, then select the Pet section which is in Normal Type.
  • Then because this Pet is still new, so you already saw that at the beginning.
  • Use 500 Diamonds, to buy this new Pet directly and it will enter the Pet System.
  • You can already level up this pet and use it the next time you compete.

Now with these two ways to get it, you won’t feel confused for the future. Because the presence of such an event will make it easier for players to get new things in this game.

After knowing how to get Dr Beanie’s Free Fire FF Pet, of course this is an opportunity that we shouldn’t miss.

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