How To Get Free Credit From Google Play

Let’s take a look at the method to get free credit from Google Play using the 4 or 5 different methods that we are going to discuss below and that will help you to get the free credits that you can use to buy things. So check out the full guide discussed below to continue.

How to Get Free Credit from Google Play
How to Get Free Credit from Google Play

Today there are many users who use an Android phone and most of them use the Google games store and also the credit that is used in the Google games store to make purchases.

And we’re familiar with downloading our favorite apps from the Google game store, but there are some apps and things that get paid and Google credits are needed to make those purchases.

To do this, you must add the money to your Google account so that you can obtain Google credits and make those purchases. But there are a few ways to get free Google game credits.

Yes, it is possible, and I have researched on the Internet and found some ways that we can use to obtain these credits for free. Here I am discussing 4 or 5 ways you can use to get free credits.

How to get free credit from Google Play

The method is quite simple and you will use different applications that you will use to obtain these free credits in your Google account. So check out these apps below.

Get free Google Play credits with Google Opinion Rewards:

1. First of all, you need to install the application called «Google Opinion Rewards» on your Android device through the Google games store. 2. After installing this application on your device, you need to go through its initial configuration, which would be a kind of preliminary guide that would help you configure your application so that you can upload the surveys.

Once you’ve set things up in the guide, you’ll be prompted to start using the app, just touch the screen to dismiss the guide when prompted.

2. Now comes the configuration that would configure your application in such a way that it finds out about the interaction of your Google Play store, the opinions of the surveys, etc. and therefore allows you to obtain the profits.

Go to the settings of your Android device and then go to the “Applications” menu and then from the list of applications choose the Google Opinion Awards application.

On the next screen, just touch the Permissions option and then enable all permissions for this app from there and check that no option should remain disabled.

3. Certain applications or settings can prevent applications from running in the background, so we will have to stop that application for it to work.

Go to your device’s battery settings, then tap the three-dot menu from there, choose the battery optimization option from there, and turn it off for the Google Opinion Rewards app from the dropdown menu of all apps.

4. Now you will have to check if the location services of the device are activated or not. If it is not enabled on the device, then you have to enable it through the location settings of the main device settings. Set the location model to High Accuracy from the settings and then save it from there.

5. To do this, access the application settings from the slider in the sidebar, and then choose the configuration option. Now, within the settings, touch the option “Accounts and privacy” -> “Google location history” and make sure it is enabled. If it’s not enabled, then enable it using the toggle switch next to the option.

6. All the above settings help the Google Rewards Opinion app to have more and more information about all the places you visit, nearby businesses and also to improve the performance of the app.

Therefore, this tends to increase the number of surveys you receive in the app. Now you can start checking the surveys in the Google Rewards Opinion application and you can take multiple surveys.

# 2 Using Juno’s wallet app

This is another application that you should try on your Android phone. You just have to register an account there and just watch the ads and videos there and you will get the free gits and credits in your account. So try this application and get free credits in your account.

# 3 Free My Apps

It is basically an application test game in which you will get the credits when you use the game and test it on your Android phone.

This app will provide you with attractive rewards as the game developer provides sponsored ads in this app. Therefore, you must test this application on your Android phone.

# 4 – Free Gift Cards(Cubic Reward)

Try free apps and redeem any free gift card! Members earned more than $ 100,000 in money and gift card credits.

  • Install the cubic reward
  • Discover and download the most popular new free apps and games on Google Play to earn credits
  • Earn credits by referring friends who know the Cubic Reward
  • Join daily events to earn extra bonus credits
  • Redeem these credits for cash or gift card

# 5 AppNana

With this application, you can download free applications from Nana Offers to win Nanas. Receive Nana’s points and redeem them for a gift card and get 400 points a day just for returning every day.

You can invite your friends to get more points. You must open the applications after installing them. So use the guide and get some nice points.

The guide above was about how to get free credit from Google Play. Use the five ways above and you can easily earn points and make purchases. I hope you like the guide, and that you continue to share it with others.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions related to this as the Techviral team will always be there to help you.

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