How To Restore Disappeared Icons On Android Phone

Restore Disappeared Icons on Android Phone: Have the app icons disappeared on the Android phone? The Apps icon has disappeared or you have accidentally deleted some Home screen icons on Android and you don’t know how to restore them? Quiet is not a prestige game and you will not lose anything in restoring apps.

How to Restore Disappeared Icons on Android Phone

Do I need to reset my cell phone? No you don’t even have to do that, you just have to take two minutes and read the next paragraphs of this guide where I explain how to restore disappeared icons on the Android phone through a few simple steps.

How to Restore Disappeared Icons on Android Phone

The apps that disappear on the Android phone are a very common problem and may have been deleted by mistake or it could be just a simple software error.

However in both cases these small technological hitches can be solved and the apps that have disappeared can be recovered without major problems, so make yourself comfortable and put into practice the instructions that you find below according to your needs.

How to fix Android apps icon gone

Browsing through the apps on your smartphone, you realized that the Applications icon, the one in the shape of a dotted square, disappeared from the main screen of your Android phone and is no longer visible.

Do not worry, you will see that in no time after reading the next paragraphs you can restore the icon of the Applications menu on Android in a few simple steps and without having to reset the phone.

To solve the problem of the Android Applications icon disappeared as a first step, start the Settings icon from your mobile device and from the list that appears enter Screen> Home screen.

From the functions that appear in the list moves the voice switch button Applications of ON to appear again the icon Applications. That’s all.

How to recover Android apps accidentally deleted

Did you notice that you accidentally deleted the apps on your Android smartphone and don’t know how to recover them? A very simple solution is to go and check through the Google Play Store.

Then from your mobile phone open the Play Store app and tap on the icon in the shape of three horizontal lines (≡) located at the top left and from the menu that appears select the My apps and my games item .

After entering positioned on the Collection tab then locate the app to restore and click on the Install button located next to it.

Alternatively, in case you have for example deleted Gmail or any other app from the Home screen of your Android device, launch the Play Store app, then search for Gmail or the app concerned and check if there are the Uninstall or Open buttons.

If so, it means that the application is still present. Tap on Open to start it.

You can also check by opening the Settings app > Applications or Apps> App (this depends on the Android version installed) and from the list that appears check if the application concerned and among those deactivated if yes reactivate it.

How to restore apps that suddenly disappear

Did the apps on your Android smartphone disappear suddenly? I must say that this is a very widespread problem especially on smartphones of the green robot in which they have mounted an expandable memory of the Micro SD type.

After some time you want for the dust that enters you want because the expandable memory is of poor quality or because it has deteriorated this stops working.

To solve this problem follow these simple tips that I am going to give you. As a first step, if an expandable memory with problems is mounted on your Android phone, turn it off and remove the Micro SD card after which clean it well especially in the contacts with a microfibre cloth.

Then reassemble it and turn on the phone if the apps have reappeared means that the problem has been solved.

If after some time the problem occurs again then I strongly advise you to replace the Micro SD with a new one before it is too late and avoid the loss of all the data saved inside it which in some cases can then be difficult to recover.

Before replacing the micro SD remember to transfer to the internal memory of the phone the apps that have disappeared and all the important data saved inside it such as photos, movies, documents and anything else.

In conclusion

If you are reading this paragraph then it means that you have found this guide how to restore disappeared icons on the Android mobile interesting. If you have any questions, comment us in the comment box.

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