How to Get More Free Space in Dropbox

Getting more space in Dropbox is one of the demands that more and more users of the service ask for. If you have a Dropbox account, or if you are thinking of opening one, you have to know that no matter how good the service is, there is a limit for freemium users. Luckily, here are some simple ways to get more free storage space in Dropbox.

How to Get More Free Space in Dropbox
How to Get More Free Space in Dropbox

How to Get More Free Space in Dropbox

AllDropboxusersautomatically receive 2GB of free storage when they first sign up. It’s not bad, but as time goes by, the space becomes small and we are forced to make some adjustments and even look for otheralternatives to Dropbox.

In case you didn’t know, Dropbox offers its customers some cool ways toget more space in the cloud.Then you can check all the options.

1. Complete the first steps

Wheninstalling Dropbox for the first timeon our smartphone, an initial instructional guide will open to know all the details of the application.

In particular, it is necessary to carry out seven steps that, in addition, will help you get the most out of the application. If you dare to reproduce the entire guide, you can win 250 MB of extra space.

2. Participate in the referral and invitation system

Dropbox rewards users who recommend other people to use the application.

For thoseDropbox Basic accounts, for each friend who joins, the user will receive an additional 500 Mb (up to a maximum of 16 Gb) and forDropbox PlusandDropbox Professional accounts, an additional 1 Gb (up to a maximum of 32 Gb).

  1. To do this we have to press the option“Invite friends”in the Dropbox settings menu, either on the web or from the mobile application.
  2. Then selectPlan> Invite a friend
  3. All that remains is to write the email of the person you want to invite and click on Send. If the invitation is accepted, you will get the free space that will be added to your account

3. Participate in community forums

Another way to get more free space on Dropbox is to join the forums. For this you must be active and help other users by answering their questions.

If your answers get enough likes, you will have a chance to upgrade to theMighty Answer level. This title will give you the right to enjoy 1 GB of storage.

With these simple methods toget more storage space in Dropboxyou can receive more free space that will be very useful to free up disk space on your devices and have more freedom when uploading files to Dropbox.

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