How to Get Root Access Without Rooting Android

VMOS is an application that virtualizes an Android system on your mobile to duplicate everything you need. You will even have ROOT easily and without risks.

How To Get Root Access Without Rooting Android
How To Get Root Access Without Rooting Android

How To Get Root Access Without Rooting Android

As much as the ROOT or administrator access remains attractive to experienced users, there is no doubt that Android has overcome this need to become a mature system alone.

In addition, having ROOT involves many risks; starting with the guarantee of the mobile itself. Now, do you want to have your apps with ROOT without compromising your smartphone? Write down this name: VMOS .

VMOS developers have achieved a super simple way to virtualize a complete Android system within an Android mobile. Or what is the same: you will have two systems working at the same time so you can duplicate applications such as WhatsApp or install apps that need ROOT access.

Of course, you need a mobile with some power because, as you can imagine, virtualizing a system is not something simple.

VMOS is available in the Google Play Store . It has just gone on the market and, under our tests, it works satisfactorily: it is perfect for all those who want to perform advanced actions on their mobile without putting it at risk. As everything is done in the virtualized system any problem will be isolated from the main system .

VMOS is an Android virtualizer that allows you to start any app, even if you need ROOT

How To Get Root Access Without Rooting Android
How To Get Root Access Without Rooting Android

You can do the same in the VMOS environment as in your own phone system: its operation is identical. Of course, VMOS is based on Android 5.1.1 , so it may not work for the most modern applications. As we said, you need a smartphone with a certain power, which has 3 GB of RAM and at least 32 GB of storage .

Once you install VMOS from Google Play, you only have to give it access to the permissions (they are delicate, you need them to emulate a real Android environment), the application will download the system and virtualize it (it takes a few minutes) creating an environment reminiscent of Any Android stock. In fact, the settings are from Android stock; and Google Play does not escape, which is also included.

You can install any application from the Google Play Store included in VMOS or install in APKs: it is exactly the same as in any Android. And you have ROOT access to test any application that needs it, such as Xposed, for example. Of course, you need to activate it as follows:

  • Go to the VMOS settings and enter ” System Setting “. You will access the Android settings.
  • Scroll down to « Phone information «.
  • Press ten times on « Build number «.
  • Once you have active development options, enter them and look for the ” ROOT ” options . Activate them and you will have VMOS rooted.

Remember: ROOT is applied on the VMOS virtualized system , not on your phone. In this way the mobile does not suffer any danger since everything is restricted to the VMOS Android.

Then you only have to use the applications you want: just start VMOS and install them there. You can even use them on your phone’s system since VMOS allows floating window execution .

VMOS is a free application and has no ads . Keep in mind that you need a mobile with a certain power, it can get hot due to the virtualization process and, in addition, it consumes a lot of energy, especially if you are running apps or heavy games in the virtualized system.

We hope that you can get root access without rooting the android

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