7 Ways to Get Telegram Codes If the Number is forfeited 2021

How do I get Telegram codes? This is often asked by Telegram users who will log in on other devices but the old number used has been burned.

Every time you log in to Telegram, you are required to enter a verification code totaling 5 digits. The code will be sent via SMS to your cellphone.

Get Telegram Codes If the Number is forfeited
Get Telegram Codes If the Number is forfeited

7 Ways to Get Telegram Codes If the Number is forfeited 2021

So, the question here is what if the number is burned or inactive? What does it mean to change numbers? If so, then all data likeCONTACTSand media files will be deleted too?

Relax, for those of you who are experiencing this, we have several ways to get a Telegram verification code. Instead of being curious, just look at the full explanation below.

How to Get Telegram Code

Apart from being used when logging in on a different device, a Telegram code is also needed when your Telegram account is trying to hack. Now, to get the 5 digit verification code, please choose one of the following 2 methods:

1. Reactivate HP Number

  1. Please contact the Customer Service according to the provider used.
  2. Ask for a way to reactivate a number that has been burned.
  3. Later you will get information about the requirements for carrying out the process.
  4. After knowing all the requirements, you proceed to the nearest office or provider outlet.
  5. Take the Customer Service queue number.
  6. Wait until it’s turn.
  7. If so, please meet the Customer Service officer.
  8. Convey your intentions and goals to reactivate your cellphone number.
  9. Submit the required documents.
  10. Wait a few moments, the officer will check the file.
  11. Not long after, you will get a new card with the old cellphone number.
  12. Now your cellphone number registered on Telegram is active again.

At this point, you can be sure that you can get the Telegram code. Do the Login process and enter the Telegram code received via SMS.

Note: This method applies if the cellphone number linked to Telegram has been burned.

2. Send Email to Telegram

Then for those who can’t get the Telegram code because of a hacking problem, try to report it to the Telegram complaint center via Email. The procedures for carrying out this process are as follows:

  1. Open Gmail.
  2. Create a new Email by clicking the (+) icon or Compose Email.
  3. Enter the destination Email:support@telegram.org
  4. In the message column, please submit complaints related to hacking that occurred on the Telegram account.
  5. If so, click Submit.

Note:This method may take more than 3 days for your complaint email to be responded to by Telegram. The reply contains procedures for dealing with hacked Telegram account problems.

How to Get Code Via Telegram

Apart from going through the method above, the verification code for Login can also be sent directly to Telegram. However, this method applies if the Telegram account is active on two devices at once.

For example, we will do a Telegram login from a cellphone when the PC is active Telegram with the same account. So, how to get the verification code will be like this:

  1. Open Telegram on your smartphone.
  2. Then enter the cellphone number.
  3. Tap Next to get the code.
  4. After that, run Telegram on the PC.
  5. Then there will be a verification code for Telegram Login on the smartphone.
  6. Enter the code on the Telegram smartphone.
  7. Done.

How to Enable the Two-Step Verification Feature on Telegram

Finally, we have information about how to anticipate Telegram code requests when you log in on another device. This process requires activation of Two-Step Verification, and here’s how to activate the feature:

1. Open the Telegram Application

On the main page, please tapthe three lines iconin the upper left corner. After that selectSettings.

2. Select Menu Privacy and Security

In the Settings menu option, please tap Privacy and Security to get access to the Two-Step Verification feature.

3. Turn on Two-Step Verification

Scroll down and tap Two-Step Verification to turn it on.

4. Set a Password

Next create a password (at least 6 characters). Perform password confirmation and press Skip at the next prompts.

5. The Password Has Been Created

Now the Two-Step Verification feature is active, so when you re-login you don’t need to get a verification code.


So those are some of the ways to get a Telegram code when the cellphone number is burnt or an indication of an issue is indicated on the Telegram account.

In addition, we also explain how to prevent verification code requests when logging in to Telegram, by using the Two-Step Verification feature.

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