Get The Hang of Social Media With These 5 Instagram Features

Instagram is undoubtedly your favorite social networking platform if you like taking and browsing pictures. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched Instagram, an American picture and video sharing social networking website, in 2010.

Get The Hang of Social Media With These Instagram Features
Get The Hang of Social Media With These Instagram Features

Get The Hang of Social Media With These 5 Instagram Features

Later, Facebook purchased this well-known social networking platform. The picture and video-sharing social media took just eight weeks to build before they released Instagram on Apple’s operating system.

Since that time, Instagram has undergone several adjustments. The app’s major aim from the start was to exhibit images, notably those shot on mobile devices. Instagram now allows you to post videos, reels, and stories.

It has several new features, such as the disappear mode and reels. What is vanish mode on Instagram, or what are reels on Instagram, you may ask? Continue reading to find out more.

1. New Messaging Feature

Meta launched various innovative messaging features on Instagram this year. They invest in messaging to make connecting with your closest friends more enjoyable and effortless. They made various changes to make it easier for individuals to communicate, share, and reply. Here are a few examples.

Have you received a new message while perusing your feed? You may now respond without having to navigate to your email and lose your location.

Another advantage of hitting and holding the share button is that you can now easily reshare posts with your closest friends. Furthermore, you will see a display of your active pals at the top of your inbox, allowing you to pick who to talk with right now.

2. Instagram Posts Collabs

The collab function is one of the most recent and essential features. Instagram’s Vice President, Vishal Shah, revealed the “Collab” option in July 2021.

But they did not verify the distribution date for users worldwide until Oct 19, 2021. This functionality enables users to work together on feed postings and reels.

The post will be visible on both creators’ Instagram feeds and will include the precise like count, view count, and comment thread. This feature is useful and helpful for content creators.

Content creators may now issue collaboration invitations to other Instagram users and work together to create reels and feed posts.

3. Instagram Reels

Since Instagram debuted reels in 2020, they have grown in popularity at a quick pace. Reels encourages you to make entertaining films to post on Instagram with your friends or anybody else.

Reels are full-screen vertical video postings that may last anywhere from 15 seconds to 1 minute. To go to the Reels creation section, hit the ‘+’ symbol in the upper right corner of the screen and select ‘Reels.’

You may also use this tool to merge numerous short films into one. You may share reels with your Feed followers and, if you have a public profile, make them accessible to the whole Social media world through a new Explore section. Reels may be outfitted with a range of accessories to enhance the material, such as music, effects, stickers, and even voice-overs.

4. Hiding Instagram Likes

One of the issues on social media is getting the number of likes on your posts. When you have tons of likes, it means you are famous or likable by other people.

This feature might be useful for content creators, but for simple individuals, this is stressful. Likes will increase your visibility and credibility in the eyes of your friends, followers, and visitors to your page.

Since 2019, Instagram has begun removing the number of likes from posts. Instagram now allows all users to conceal or show the like count on posts. That is, instead of the standard numerical figure shown under a picture, it just identifies a few individuals and adds “and others.”

Hide your Instagram like count is simple and reversible, and in certain circumstances, it may improve your overall experience with the app.

5. Instagram Story Stickers

There are also new stickers you can use for your next awesome story! Some of them were not available in the past on other devices and accounts, but Instagram created these new sets of stickers available to everyone! Here are some of the added stickers:

a. Music Sticker

Are you ready to use music in your Instagram Stories? Use it to add your favorite music to your tale! Users all over the world have been waiting for this feature for a long time, and the Music sticker is now becoming broadly available. Music stickers may have a significant impact on making your Instagram story more attractive and intriguing.

b. Customizable Link Sticker

This sticker is usually available for users who have thousands of followers only. But now, everyone can use it already. This feature is straightforward, displaying a sticker that, when clicked, provides an external link. By selecting the ‘Customize sticker text’ link, you can add your unique call-to-action wording to the sticker.


Instagram is rapidly developing and enhancing its user experience daily. Instagram never ceases to amaze us. Do not miss out on new features you may not be aware of or understand how to use.

Remember that Instagram is always adding and deleting features. Which of these new features do you like best? Find out more by visiting

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