Google Chrome Is Now Compatible With IOS 13 And IPadOS Dark Mode

The arrival of the dark mode on iOS 13 and iPadOS has meant a great change in terms of design on Apple devices . Not only has it been proven that you will save battery if you have it activated , we already have many applications, such as Instagram , adapted that will automatically change to dark mode when you have it activated.

Google Chrome Is Now Compatible With IOS 13 And IPadOS Dark Mode

Google Chrome is Now Compatible with iOS 13 and iPadOS Dark Mode

Now a new app gets into the car of the dark mode of iOS 13 and iPadOS, and is an important one. This is Google Chrome , probably the best alternative browser to Safari that we can find in the App Store and that after its last update has gone to the dark side.

Chrome already supports dark mode

It is very interesting that the most popular apps are updated soon by adding the dark mode, it is very nice to have this new mode but if the applications do not include it then the abrupt change can ruin the experience quite a bit . Fortunately, apps gradually update and now it is the case of Google Chrome that also includes some other news:

Now you can put Chrome in dark mode if your device has been updated to iOS 13.
Bookmarks, History, Recent tabs and Reading lists are now presented as cards in iOS 13.
Add a new credit card directly in Chrome from the settings page.

Google had already updated other applications to the dark mode of iOS 13 such as Gmail and Google Maps , however Chrome was also an important app and this update has finally arrived. If you are one of those who often use Google apps, now you can enjoy a better experience if you like the dark mode.

Recall that there are almost 50% of devices updated to iOS 13 , so there are already many millions of users who can enjoy the dark mode and many other new features that includes the new Apple operating system.

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