Google Gemini: The AI ​​that could be More Powerful Than Chat GPT

There is no doubt that ChatGPT has revolutionized the world of artificial intelligence, capturing the interest of the general public.

Google Gemini: The AI ​​that could be More Powerful than Chat GPT

Google Gemini: The AI ​​that could be More Powerful than Chat GPT

In two months it gained 100 million users, being the platform that had reached that figure the fastest, ahead of other applications as integrated into our society as Instagram or TikTok.

Since then, technology giants such as Microsoft and Google have focused their efforts on creating their own tool in this area.

It was the latter, which through one of its artificial intelligence research laboratories, has spoken about its next linguistic model, which could surpass the one created by Open AI: Chat GPT.

Google Gemini could be more powerful than Chat GPT

Demis Hassabis, CEO of Google’s artificial intelligence subsidiary, DeepMind, spoke in an interview with Wired about the combination of technologies that will equip Gemini with new capabilities such as planning or problem-solving: “At a high level, you can “Think of Gemini as a combination of some of the strengths of AlphaGo-type systems with the amazing capabilities of language models.”

In other words, Google’s artificial intelligence research laboratory is using AlphaGo techniques in its technology. This autonomous program is known for defeating a Go champion, considered one of the most complex board games in existence.

This software bases its learning on making several attempts at solving problems, such as decisions in video games. The Gemini model is still in development and is similar to the GPT-4 technology in the premium version of ChatGPT.

According to Hassabis, the system will have “new innovations that are going to be quite interesting thanks to the integration of this technology.

The concerns of Artificial Intelligence

There are different experts in the field of artificial intelligence who believe that the development of this technology should be stopped to avoid its misuse until it is completely mastered.

However, Demis Hassabis thinks it is more necessary to continue describing it in order to mark its scope: “If done correctly, it will be the most beneficial technology for humanity. We have to go after these things with audacity and courage,” said the CEO of DeepMind.

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