Google My Business: A Tool that Marketers Must Master!

Google my business or also known as Google My Business is a marketingtoolthat a marketer must know. Have you ever thought, why when we type the name of a business or product into Google, a series of relevant information about a particular business will appear?

Google My Business: A Tool that Marketers Must Master!

Google My Business: A Tool that Marketers Must Master!

It turns out that this information appears thanks to the Google My Business feature. Of course, this can help make the business you manage easier for internet users to find. To get to know Google My Business further, let’s look at the information below carefully.

What is Google My Business

Google My Business is a business application that is very useful for a marketer or businessman. The reason is, this feature can help potential consumers to get complete information about a business easily.

Starting from the business name, company address, company telephone number, email address, operating hours, office photos, companywebsite, to reviewsfrom customers who have made transactions with the company.

Benefits of Google My Business

If your business is not currently integrated with Google My Business, you should register it immediately. The reason is, there are several benefits you can get from thistool. We will explain the benefits in the following points.

1. Provide clear and valid information

At this time, people’s habits began to change. They are used to doing research online first before making a purchase. In Indonesia, 95% of consumers have the habit of doing research onlineusingsmartphonesbeforethey decide to buy something.

Therefore, when they want to buy a product, or service, or visit a shop or restaurant, they may have done research first on Google. Their hope in doing this is so that business owners can provide the best online presence and that they will not be disappointed when they decide to buy products/services from that business.

One way you can provide the best online presence is by providing clear and valid information via Google My Business.This toolallows you to provide more reliable information because only verified business owners can create Google My Business.

2. Provide complete and current information

Not only does this toolprovide valid and clear information, it also allows business people to provide complete and up-to-date information. On Google My Business you can present information in the form of name, operating hours, description, andreviewsgiven by customers.

3. Business will be detected on Google Maps

When you register a business on Google My Business, the business will immediately appear automatically on Google Maps. Cool, right? So, customers who want to stop by your place of business will find it easier to get to their destination precisely thanks to guidance from Google Maps.

4. Make it easier for consumers to find businesses

Not only does it appear on Google Maps, your business will also appear on Google searches. When internet users search for your business name on Google, they will get information about your business to the right of the search results.

Likewise, when people search for product keywords related to the products you sell, your business will also appear as one of the search results.

5. Get reviews from consumers

As we know, in the business world,reviewsare an important element in increasing the credibility of a business. According to research, as many as 70% of consumers in Indonesia will trust online reviews provided by other customers.

In fact, they will be 12 times more likely to believe the review than the information displayed by the product itself. Therefore, if you succeed in providing a satisfactory product or service, then get ready to be flooded with positivereviewson Google My Business.

6. Communication media between customers or business people

You need to know that Google My Business not only displays customer reviews, but also has a customer question and answer feature. With this feature, customers can ask questions related to your business on Google My Business. Furthermore, these questions can be answered by other customers or business owners.

7. Customer Analysis Tools

With this business application, you can carry out customer analysis using the Analytics feature. You can do a simple analysis using Google My Business, looking at marketing performance, the number of customers who have successfully found your business, and customer interactions with your business.

How to Register and Verify Google My Business

If you are interested in registering your business on Google My Business, we will share how to register and verify Google My Business below.

  • Please visit, then click “Start Now”.
  • Type your business name and fill in the address of your business office, shop or restaurant.
  • Adjust the address on Google Maps to make it easier for consumers to visit that address.
  • Enter the business category that is relevant to your business. For example, you manage aseafood restaurant in Bandung, then choose the “Restaurant” category.
  • This business category will help Google to classify your business in search results. When a user searches for “Restaurant in Bandung”, your business information will appear in the search results.
  • Next, fill in the special telephone or cellphone number to receive calls from consumers. If you already have a businesswebsite, you can also include thewebsite address in this section.
  • However, if you don’t havea website, you can create one using WordPress or another CMS. The presence of thiswebsiteis very important to increase the level of consumer trust in the company you manage.
  • Determine whether you will receivethe newsletteror not.
  • The final step is to verify Google My Business. This verification is very important to protect your business from irresponsible individuals who blame the information displayed by Google My Business.
  • In addition, a verified business will be considered a business with a good reputation in the eyes of customers.

If you have entered all the information completely and correctly, then you can choose verification right away by filling in the name of the recipient of the letter. After that, click Send Postcard and wait for the letter to arrive at your address. During this verification process, you may not change any information that has been previously entered.

The process for sending Google letters will vary, depending on the location of the business. After the letter is received, you can continue the verification process using the code in the letter.

To do this, please reopen Google My Business, then select the location verification menu. Enter the verification code from Google Mail, and verification is complete.

Finally, we have come to the end of the discussion about Google My Business. Don’t wait until later to register your business here, because now people have started to switch to the digital world. So, don’t let your business get left behind.

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