Google Officially Launches Its Alternative To Apple Arcade, Play Pass

Just a few days ago, Apple officially launched its update of iOS 13, a new version of the system with major changes for users such as the introduction of a dark mode or improvements in privacy such as “Sign in with Apple.” In addition, it also marked the beginning of the new services and the preparation of the land for new ones.

Google officially launches its alternative to Apple Arcade, Play Pass
Google officially launches its alternative to Apple Arcade, Play Pass

Google officially launches its alternative to Apple Arcade, Play Pass

Thus, with iOS 13 came to our Apple Arcade devices, a subscription designed to bring the best games to our screens.

Apple Arcade is the first time that a mobile game subscription service has been implemented in such a broad way. Of course, they are not the first to do so, and it certainly does not cost much to find alternatives, but Apple Arcade is the first that manages to offer a large selection of exclusive games of the best quality in an integrated way in the App Store platform. And of course, good ideas are soon replicated by the competition .

Thus, a few weeks ago we learned that Google was preparing a new subscription service called Play Pass . Thanks to Play Pass, Android users can access more than 350 games and applications at no additional cost.

And all without micropayments or additional subscriptions, only a payment of $ 4.99 per month. Well, after having successfully tested it, Google has decided to launch this new subscription, although not without inconvenience.

To begin with, the service will only be available in the United States at first, although it is expected to reach other territories in the near future. In addition, it is important that we keep in mind that Play Pass does not offer exclusive content , as does Apple Arcade, and that we can have the apps and games that it offers separately.

Even so, it is appreciated that they not only offer games, but also allow access to apps like AccuWeather with a premium experience, without advertising.

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In short, Google also wants to offer its users a new way to enjoy the great creations of its developer community, with a model that encourages experimenting with new content. In this way, taking advantage of both Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass, creators will have new opportunities to share their apps and games and achieve success.

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