GTA 5 Online: Tips and Tricks for Winning Street Racing

If you want to make money easily in GTA Online, street racing is probably not a good option for you. However, read this guide if your goal is to earn easy money and rise in reputation. This does not mean that you cannot earn a lot of money from the races, what we mean is that it takes skill to win the races, and in the case of Rally, you need a partner that you can trust.

GTA 5 Online: Tips and Tricks for Winning Street Racing
GTA 5 Online: Tips and Tricks for Winning Street Racing

GTA 5 Online: Tips and Tricks for Winning Street Racing

Assuming you meet these requirements, racing is one of the most fun activities in GTA Online and allows you to concentrate on filling your garage with fantastic cars … while becoming an expert driver. This guide will help you to win street racing in GTA 5 Online.

Rally in GTA 5 Online

This is not an activity you should do with random players, but if you know someone who plays GTA 5 Online, and you can trust him, Rally can become a good way to earn money. It will take two people: one to drive, and one to be the copilot.

The driver cannot see the checkpoints, only the copilot can. So it is very important to have communication, so it is important to play with someone you know and trust.

Speed ​​is essential, obviously, but if you miss a checkpoint you can suffer from the consequences, so be careful how you play.

Tips for Copilot

Rally racing depends on you because without you the driver cannot win. It is necessary for you to communicate clearly, so reduce the conversation and just briefly indicate the indications to the pilot. Don’t forget to use consistent terminology. A lot of pressure?

The best time to give instructions for the next turn is just after the driver completes the previous turn, or during sections that require less maneuvering on the part of the driver.

These are the moments where the driver can concentrate on what you are saying, because if you give him instructions when he is focused on making a turn, he may not be able to focus on both at the same time and something bad.

Pay attention to what your driver is saying, and you can make several suggestions, such as whether to increase or decrease the speed, as you are the only one who can see the route of the road. Find out which terms work best for you, as you need to explain all of this to your pilot:

  • Easy Left / Right –Keep your speed but watch out for the left / right turn.
  • Turn Left / Right –Turn left / right at the next intersection. This is a curve less than 90 degrees.
  • Hard Turn Left / Right –Turn left / right at the next intersection. This is a 90 degree curve or more.
  • Flat out –Go as fast as you can, as there is no danger.
  • Ease off –Take your foot off the pedal, as you are getting close to a slight curve.
  • Brake hard into left / right – Brakes hardand turns left / right, as you are reaching a tight curve.

This may seem too complex, but believe that if you decorate and know how to use these technical terms, you can win lots of races and money. Don’t forget that you can also make visual signals (left or right) to your driver with the analog or keyboard.

The best time to use these signals is when the curve is imminent, as it ensures that the driver has a visual clue to confirm the instructions you gave him via audio. However, don’t just use these visual signs, as you may be facing a road with many consecutive curves, and these signs will not be enough, you will need to talk to your driver.

Rally racing turns out to be a fun activity, especially if you play with a friend of yours. During these races there is a lot at stake, so if you do a good job you can win a lot of money.

Tips for GTA 5 Online

There is not much to say about this, except that you will need a good co-driver, and that he will be able to give you clear directions, as you will not have time to try to interpret what they say in the middle of a race.

Try not to speak, as you may not hear the instructions of your co-pilot. So, even if you are excited, or have done something spectacular, expect the race to come to an end so you can talk.

There is no problem with driving at full speed if the road feels safe. But if you are not sure of what you expect, it is better to be calm with that foot and slow down a little.

Although speed is important to winning the race, going through checkpoints is even more important, so you will have to find a balance between these two aspects. If you miss a checkpoint don’t worry too much, but if you miss two you can be sure that you have almost lost the race.

Tactics for Street Racing in GTA 5 Online

Street racing is an activity for the most skilled, and to reach the top spot and maintain that position, you will need some tactics. There are no cheats that make you an ace on the road, so if you’re not ready to work a little, it’s best to skip this, as racing will not be a good activity for you.

However, if you really want to become an excellent driver, it is better that you invest some time in stealing cars and delivering them. This will help develop your innate driving skills, as well as giving you plenty of opportunities to practice.

Delivering stolen cars without any damage will increase your profits even more, and will also help you develop good habits, namely driving without hitting anything.

What car should you buy?

First of all, the secret to winning a race is to buy the car that has the most acceleration, not maximum speed, as many suggest. The reason a car with a lot of acceleration is better is the fact that most races involve tight corners and lots of braking, so there aren’t many situations where you can take advantage of a car’s top speed.

In fact, there are some situations where the road allows you to accelerate as much as you want, but these situations are few and do not last long. In addition, if you have good acceleration, you will recover more quickly from an eventual accident.

Handling is another very useful factor. The easier it is to control your car, the more likely you are to reach the finish first. When you want to evolve a car, you must start with handling and weight, and then you must evolve the speed.

The most balanced cars in terms of handling and acceleration are these:

Our favorite cars

Although all cars are excellent options, we have three favorite cars:

TheAnnis Elegy RH8is the best car in terms of handling and acceleration. You don’t behave very well during braking, but if you drive smoothly, you shouldn’t have any problems.

If you register with the Rockstar Social Club you can earn an RH8. To do this you have to buy a garage, and then access the Legendary Motorsports website on your phone. This is the perfect way to start your racing career.

TheOverflod Entity XFoffers an excellent balance between speed, acceleration and handling, and is an excellent choice if you are looking for a supercar. If you evolve this car a little bit, you will have a real monster in your hands. You can only buy this car online, and you will need a garage to store it.

TheCoil Voltichas the best acceleration, its handling is good, but nothing impressive, and its top speed is not very good. When you get to the moment when you can buy some cars, it is worth adding this one to your garage.

This car is an excellent choice for races that involve many tight corners, as its high acceleration will give you a huge advantage, allowing you to overtake your opponents in the corners.

Tips to avoid accidents

One of the biggest dangers in street racing is other cars, and it is sometimes very difficult to avoid accidents. However, you can minimize the risk of having an accident if you follow these tips:

When you are passing through an intersection at high speed, or when you are passing a car, get used to always turning towards the rear of the car you are trying to avoid.

For example, if a car is turning to the left, you have to turn to the right. This may seem more than obvious, but you would be surprised at the number of people who tend to favor one direction, regardless of the circumstances. The higher the speed of the car you are trying to avoid, the easier it will be not to hit it if you follow this rule.

A fundamental rule in racing games regarding curves is to slow down when entering and accelerate when leaving, and this rule works perfectly in races in GTA 5 Online.

If you are not sure if you will be able to make the turn, it is better to brake too much than to get in too fast and not be able to make the turn. Remember that it is easier to compensate for the fractions of a second you lost when braking too much than to compensate for all the seconds you missed when you accelerate too fast on a curve or due to an eventual accident.

Lastly, drive smoothly! Again, this is more than obvious, but it is impressive how many players are constantly making sudden movements with their car.

Turning your car slightly and gently helps to maintain its balance, especially if you go at high speeds. Always try to be forewarned, so as not to be frightened and make sudden movements, and always enter at a low speed in tight curves.

Use other cars as obstacles

If you are approaching an intersection, and are sure that you can cross it safely, put yourself in front of an opponent. This will cause your opponent to break, temporarily blocking the path for those behind you. It is a risky move, but you will get used to doing this as you practice in your races.

You can also use this tactic to overtake civilian cars during a turn and you will achieve a similar effect. For example, go over to the left, then put yourself in front of the car while making a right turn. The car you overtook will have to brake, and eventually it will cause your opponent to brake, as you have just obstructed his curve line.


If you are a few places behind in the race, use the technique called Slipstream, which consists of standing behind a car and using the air bag. Slipstream works at a reasonable distance and gives you a big increase in speed. Pay attention if an opponent is doing this to you, and block their passage if they are trying to overtake you.

If your opponents like to hit you, don’t worry too much about overtaking. Stay back and be patient. If you are patient, it is very easy to overtake those opponents in the last seconds of the race when you slipstream.

In addition, many players cannot stand the pressure of having another player behind them, so it is very common for them to try to speed up and outwit their enemies. This means that they are more likely to make a mistake, allowing you to take advantage of that error.

On the other hand, if you are the one being chased, drive within your limits and don’t be nervous. If your opponent wants to overtake you and take first place, leave them. Drive according to your abilities and reduce the likelihood of an accident and losing the race for good.

If you want to take the subject to a personal field, the best time to hit an opponent is during a tight turn. Enter the inside line and point the front corner of your car against the rear of the opposing car, so that you will maximize the opportunity to lose them.

If you manage to hit your opponent, brake lightly and follow the outside line to drive around him, in case they are falling apart. Otherwise, take the inner line. But as we said earlier, the best way to win a race is cleanly, without any physical contact.

Try first person mode

This is just a matter of preference, but if you are having difficulty driving, try switching to the first person perspective. This perspective helps you to focus on what is in front of you, and provides a kind of “tunnel vision”, which will help you to avoid possible distractions with the environment around you.

In general, if it seems that an object is not going to reach your screen, you should be safe. This is very useful for narrow roads, or for passing through the middle of two cars.

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