The Best Racing Games For Android 2023

We presenting the best racing games for Android and tablets, which can be played offline and free online download here free download apk.

The Best Racing Games For Android 2023

This category is particularly populated with titles, I made a selection of the best racing games , but always trying to cover different themes. There is something for pilots looking for realism, for those looking to compete and for those who just want to have fun. Your positions!

The racing games are really interesting, it took us into the adventure life. Here we made the list of the top 10 racing games for Android and tablet in 2018 .

List of the best racing games for Android of all time

These are the best and most downloaded racing games for Android in 2018 free / paid so far appeared on Google Play Store.

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

It comes with real cars, like the Lamborghini Poison but, now we are going to fly them. Thanks to the many ramps and jumps of the different scenarios, we can do tricks with our sport. Asphalt 8: Airborne has 13 tracks and more than 95 high-end sports car models. The simulation is quite justified and is a game of Arcade type that shines in the graphics section and in the effects of audio and sound. A period of uncomplicated speed.

2. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is the best driving simulation game for serious driving and realistic simulation. Each vehicle behaves according to its type of traction, its weight, its chassis, etc … In Real Racing 3 we will have to control the annoying subsides and the amusing surprises and the mass transfer, of course.

It has 12 tracks of varieties and more than 100 official cars including Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Ferrari. Graphic quality for the latest multiplayer modes.

3. Need for Speed: no limit

Launched early 2015, the arrival of this title has been one of the most anticipated Android games . With realistic graphics and interesting tracks, No Limits is one of the main alternatives for fans of the genre, with Asphalt and Real Racing.

4. GT Racing 2

Another Gameloft game just like Asphalt 8, but this time on the side of reality. This can be one of the best racing simulators for mobile devices. His physical model offers an unparalleled reality. Enjoy your selection of 81 cars among the 37 best manufacturers in the world. You will be able to drive 13 tracks from 4 different points of view and win one of its over 1400 events. If you are an expert user, try changing the performance of your vehicle in the garage to leave behind your opponents.

5. Real Drift Car Racing (Best Drifting Game)

For drifting fans, we have Real Drift Car Racing. There are two versions: a free version in which you will skate for four tracks and another version of payment in which you will have the game completely unlocked for $ 0.95. The difficulty can be customized so that at the beginning you do not spend the day hitting the biondas of the track.

6. Riptide GP 3: Renegade

The most famous watercraft game in the world thrills us once again in its third edition. The mechanics of the game invite you to hurry the peaks of the curves and enjoy the chicanes. There are different models of jet skis and each can be improved in different sections. A particularity of this racing game is that the turbo recharges by making “turns” every time a ramp or a big wave allows us to jump.

The multiplayer Riptide GP3 offers several possibilities, both the classic race against other players online and even the ability to connect 4 controllers and play in split screen, of course on tablet.

7. Horizon Chase

A game quite different from any of this list. Horizon Chase is a racing game that tries to emulate the titles of the genre of the 80s and 90s, indeed part of the model responsible for this game has experience with some of the classics of racing 20 years ago.

Its mechanics are different from any racing game that exists today, since the controls are simpler. However, thanks to his excellent musical and graphic work, he offers one of the best racing experiences of the moment.

8. Re-Volt 2: Multiplayer

The ultimate remote control car set. In Re-Volt 2 , you need to modify your RC car to be faster and beat other players from the rest of the world. Among the vehicles available, you will find buggies, sports cars, trucks or Formula 1 cars. Up to 4 players simultaneously in multiplayer mode.

9. Turbo FAST

Snail Racing! No, it’s not a joke, but it’s not about the snails you and I know, they have a supersonic swing that makes them slide at the speed of dizziness. You can tune your snail until it is the fastest in the entire meadow and clear its shell to fly through the circuit. It has a multiplayer mode to make your friends ridiculous and solo challenges so you can polish your driving.

10. Thomas and his friends: Go ahead!

Thomas and his friends is the best game for kids. Curiously, Thomas is a steam locomotive and can run fast. This game is also for a more childish audience, but let’s face it, everyone can have fun playing with the trains. The races are always between two trains but as opponents you can choose the machine or a friend. You can play this game on Android without the Internet.

11. Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing also loves Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing. This is a racing game with deliberately less mature graphics and more fun-oriented than the adrenaline rush.

Races contain items that can be collected and used to attack or defend other opponents.

12. Angry Birds Go!

Rovio ‘s usual bird and pig races, yes the same as Angry Birds 2 . Since its launch has been included a lot of content and most importantly, the expectations for loading each race have been greatly reduced.

There is a proof of the day and the week, so as not to miss your daily career. It also has multiplayer mode. Different carts can be upgraded and there are different categories, such as sleds or theft.

Angry birds are going! Is enormously addictive Android game and you do not see the time to stop stacking gems and coins to gain more speed or acceleration or move on to another model. During the story mode, we’ll unlock drivers, each with its special ability.

You can finish the story without resorting to in-app purchases, but to have some cars, you have to let go of the fabric. If you are willing to pay, I recommend you upgrade that doubles all your coin rewards, and special packs with basket, gems and money (between 1 and 2 USD).

13. Mini Moto Racing

For these races we place ourselves in the bird’s eye and we have a steering wheel and a bottle of nitro to give us a push from time to time. There are many circuits, environments and models of cars and trucks for all tastes.

This game is ideal for playing on a tablet or a larger screen. The mechanics of Mini Moto Racing are very simple and with the right car, we can get our sobrius of 5 years to win his first race.

These games are the 13 racing games for Android on the March 2018 edition. Where are you? A driver with other recommendations?

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