Hago | How To Install And Use

Hago is a popular social application. The application does not take a long time to reach a total of 10 million downloads in the Play Store and gets a  rating of 4.6. Like what is this Hago application? Why is it popular?

Hago | How to Install And Use
Hago | How to Install And Use

Hago | How to Install And Use

Hago is a kind of social media application for gamers. This application allows users to interact with others while having fun with them at the same time.

With interesting and cool features that it brings, it’s as if you are playing directly with your friends while using the Hago application. You can connect with other players and chat with them via voice messages.

Hago is suitable for you to play when you are alone ( singles are also allowed) and requires friends to play small games that are unique and simple but fun. Or if you don’t like to play, you can also play games on Hago alone (there are several games for single player).

Still, confused about how to use the Hago application? Don’t worry, now we will tell you how to use the # 1 popular application on this Play Store.

1. Upload and Install

The first time you have to do, of course, download the Hago application on Play Store or App Store and install it on your smartphone. The size of this application is around 24MB for Android and 59MB for iOS.

The minimum Android version needed to be able to install this application is 4.0.3. Whereas iOS requires version 9.0 and above and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. For Android users, you can download the Hago application here and for iOS users download here.

2. Log in with a Social Media Account

The next way to use the Hago application is that you must log in using your social media accounts such as Facebook and Line, a Google account, or through a verification code to your mobile number.

Then you can complete your data or do it later. Then the application will ask permission to access your location so you can find users near you and can play games with them.

3. Find Friends and Play with Them

In the main view of Hago, you can find many games that are marked by the number of times the game is played. This can help you choose the most popular game. Scroll down and find dozens of cool games.

At the top of the display, there is a menu to play with your friends. If you give location access to Hago then this application will display people around your location who can be invited to play. You can also invite friends on social media to join you on Hago.

If you want to make friends and play with new people, you just have to select the people search menu. There you will find many people who can be friends. These people will be displayed along with the distance from your location.

There are also choices where you can find them according to their gender. Just choose the menu marked with gender in the upper right and specify your search. You can use the chat feature to connect with your friends. Just click the chat icon on the top right in the main view.

4. Start Playing

Now you can start playing games on Hago! Just choose the game you like the most and wait a few moments until the door to the game you want opens. When you enter game mode, you can immediately connect with other people who will play too (they become your opponents).

When the game starts you can interact with your opponents via voice message. This cool feature seems to make you play with them in real-time. This game mode is certainly very fun because we are not mute while having fun. Very interesting is not it?

5. Lose Winning Play Again

Lost during a duel against your friend? Relax, you can challenge them again. Hago has a feature where you can repeat the previous game without changing the score you get. This way, you can equalize your opponents if you lose in the first game or even continue to excel if you previously won the game.

With things like this you can stay connected to the people who play with you. In addition, because this is also a kind of competition, so you can hone your game so that day by day you get better at it. Then try playing the game in other categories.

6. Break the World Record!

On Hago you can play to get world rankings. Just click on the ‘WORLD RECORD GAME’ and play the games there. Choose the game you want and win so you get a high ranking.

Games in the ‘WORLD RECORD GAME’ category include Crossword, Cube Jump, Jump Jump, DO-RE-MI, Burning Dunk, Bump Bump Ball, Magic Puzzle, Sack Jumping, Start Blast, and Magic Word. Let’s play now and be the best in the world!

7. Play Local Games!

One of the special things about Hago for Indonesian users is the loading of local games. If you used to know the SOS game, then now you can reminisce again because the old school game is on Hago! Cool, right?

There is also a game of Congklak which was also very popular. Then there is the food flavoring game entitled “KNOW TEMPE!” Do you not drool to immediately play the game of the good old days? Get lots of tablets in one application called Hago.

Even though these childhood games are already in digital form, we must still be grateful because they are at least preserved and introduced to the world. So, who here wants to reminisce with his happy past?

8. Playing Together is More Fun!

Hago also offers Local Multiplayers tables so you can have fun together with friends around you. You can play Ludo Hago, Grab Coin, Let’s Dance, and Crazy Wheel in this category. Instead of chatting with your friends who are not clear it is better to play together, right?

Well, that’s a simple discussion about how to use the Hago application on smartphones. When the Caris Signal team tried the Hago application on a low-specification smartphone, Hago ran very smoothly without much interruption. Although the Hago application is lightweight, the graphics it offers are very good.

Because to play Hago requires the internet, make sure your smartphone is connected to a good internet network. Don’t let your fun time with Hago be interrupted due to slow or unavailable network problems.

Hago application can be a tool to fill your free time for just a little fun. Because of the voicemail feature that Hago has, you should make sure you don’t disturb others when playing it. Also, make sure you won’t be addicted and forget the time when playing Hago.

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