Here Is How To Delete Facebook Story

Facebook Story Deletion – How to Delete Facebook Story? We have listed the steps of deleting Facebook story in our article.

You can share your daily activities through a large social media tool such as Facebook. However, for stories that you have decided to delete due to wrong sharing or for various reasons, you need todelete Facebook story.

Here is How to Delete Facebook Story
Here is How to Delete Facebook Story

The videos and photos you share from the “Share Story” tab on Facebook can be deleted with the same method. The images and videos you share in your story can be viewed by the people on your list until they are deleted.

After you delete a story, the people on your list will not be able to see your share.

How to Delete Facebook Story?

You can do Facebook story deletionsboth on your Facebook homepage and on Facebook “messaging”, that is, Messenger.

Removing a Story via Facebook Application;

  • Come to your home page via theFacebookapplication.
  • Share the Story‘ ‘tab, click on the section where you share the story.
  • Find the parts of your story you want to delete and click on the three dots icon at the top right of these stories.
  • Click “Delete Photo” on the icon that opens , or ”Delete Video” if you have uploaded a video .
  • After deletion, you can check the changes you made in the share story section and see if the parts you want to remove from your story have been deleted.

Deleting a Facebook Story via Messenger Application

  • Open theMessengerapp.
  • Come to the part where the stories shared on your profile appear and click on your story exactly.
  • Select the ”Delete Video” or ”Delete Photo” option by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the story that opens .
  • Your story you posted on your profile will be deleted.

If you delete your story via the Facebook application, your story will also be deleted via Messenger automatically. Also, your story will not appear on your Facebook homepage after the story removals you make via Messenger.

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