Here Is How To Use ClonApp Messenger

Sometimes we want to know the contents of our partner’s WA chat. We can find out what our partner’s WhatsApp chat is by using the ClonApp Messenger application.

Here is How to Use ClonApp Messenger

CloneApp is an application for cloning WhatsApp accounts from other mobile phones. So with this application we can use 1 WhatsApp account on 2 different mobile phones.

That way we can save on the use of cellphone numbers if we have 2 cellphones at a time. Because as we all know, the government applies SIM card activation regulations to use NIK and KK. Another purpose of using the CloneApp application is to monitor or tap other people’s WA accounts. With CloneApp we can easily tap our partner’s WA chat. That way we can see every incoming and outgoing message.

Not only that we also get full access like using the WhatsApp Mesengger application. So we can also make messages, reply to messages, and so forth. Well, on this occasion, sensible will provide a way to use ClonApp Mesengger.

How to use ClonApp Mesengger

ClonApp Messenger can easily be used with just a few steps.

How to use ClonApp Messenger remotely:

  1. First of course we must have theClonApp Messengerapplication first. Download and install the ClonApp Messenger application on our Android.
  2. If the application has been downloaded and installed on our smartphone. The next step is to open the ClonApp Messenger application.
  3. After the application is open. On the Home menu we selectClonApp Messenger.
  4. Then a barcode or QR Code will appear which we will use to log in the WA account that we will tap.
  5. The next step is to open the WhatsApp application on someone else’s cellphone that we will be tapping. After that, open themenuby pressing point three in the upper right corner. Then select theWhatsApp Webmenu .
  6. After that we will see the camera display to scan the barcode. Next point the scan area to the barcode in the CLonApp application. This step is the same as when we will log in with WhatsApp Web on our laptop.
  7. Wait a few moments until the process is complete. If it works then we can see the appearance of WhatsApp that we tapped.

Cause ClonApp Messenger Cannot Be Used

If we fail to use ClonApp there may be some problems that we experience. Each application certainly has advantages and disadvantages.

No exception the ClonApp application, this application has several shortcomings that can cause us to fail to log in.

1. There are Application Bugs

The developer of the ClonApp application, Karoon, recently acknowledged that there were problems with the ClonApp application.

This happens because of changes or updates to the WA application.

So the ClonApp application exits itself and cannot be used. However, this problem can now be resolved with the latest updates from the ClonApp application.

Well, if our ClonApp application comes out on its own then we should update the application. Then to restore the WA account that we previously tapped, we can repeat the login method as above.

2. The Device Has Been Issued

ClonApp works by cloning to the WhatsApp application. Well, if the WA account on the main cellphone has been removed from WhatsApp Web mode.

Then the CloneApp application will automatically stop and no longer do wiretapping.

3. Bad Internet Connection

To be able to run the ClonApp application smoothly, these 2 devices must be connected to a stable internet network.

If one device does not get a good internet connection, the cloning process will pause or even stop.

If we still fail to use the ClonApp application. We can try to use other applications similar to ClonApp.

There are tons of WhatsApp clonning applications available on the Google Play Store. Here are some WhatsApp Web applications on mobile phones besides ClonApp.

Using WhatWeb Cloner

WhatWeb Cloner is a WhatsApp Web application that is on an android phone. This application made by Riki Apps Developer is very easy to use.

Besides the appearance of this application is also very simple and charming. There are some excellent features that we can use such as cleaning various files on WhatsApp.

Not only that, we can also see the status and also save the status we want.

We can also see and access contacts stored on our boyfriend’s cellphone. In other words we can fully control our girlfriend’s WhatsApp account by using the WhatWeb Cloner application.

How to use WhatWeb Cloner:

  1. First we prepare theWhatWeb Clonerapplication by downloading and installing it through the Google Play Store.
  2. After installed. Run the WhatWeb Cloner application. Then select theWhatWebmenu , so the barcode will appear that we will use to login.
  3. Then we open the WhatsApp application on the cellphone that we will tap.
  4. Then press the three dots in the right corner of the screen then select theWhatsApp Webmenu .
  5. Then the barcode scan feature will open. Point the HP camera at the barcode that appears in the WhatWeb Cloner application.
  6. Wait until loading is complete, then we can automatically find out all our chat partners through the WhatWeb Cloner application.

So many articles about how to use ClonApp Messenger on an Android phone. Use the above method wisely, don’t use it for evil.

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