Here Is The Coronavirus Updated LIVE Map

Coronavirus Map Updated: find out with confirmed case data and other information in real time. Check the spread of Coronavirus in real time.

Here is the Coronavirus Updated LIVE Map
Here is the Coronavirus Updated LIVE Map

Coronavirus spread map

Here we are: as we all feared,Coronavirus has now arrived in Italyand in these hours there have beenseveral confirmed cases in our country. And unfortunately the number of people infected with Coronavirus is destined to rise, not only in Italy but throughout the world.

If you are alsoworried about Coronavirus and want to follow its spread in the world in real time(including Italy), in this article I recommend an absolutely safe and reliable site that allows you tomonitor the live situation,updated in real time, minute per minute.

Without wasting too much time, if you want to follow the numbers andthe real-time spread of Coronavirusall over the world, you candiscover the updated LIVE map of the Coronavirus.

Visit Here

The interactive map was developed by agroup of scientists from the American Johns Hopkins University (in Maryland), whose data are collected from various sources and disseminated almost in real time, on confirmed cases of contagion, deaths, hospitalizations and number of people. broken down by country.

The data sources come from:WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC and DXYand are absolutely reliable and safe.

Of course, this map will not help you defend yourself against Coronavirus, but will allow you to stay updated in real time on the number of people infected, those recovered, and will help you understand where the virus is spreading most.

Before leaving the article, I leave you some other useful and interesting information about theCoronavirus.

More information (Ministry of Health)

First of all, to get certain, safe and reliable information, I recommendconsulting the website of the Ministry of Health.

Especially in cases like this, where you risk your life, totrust in safe, reliable and certified sites, not to the advice of people who improvise experts on Facebookjust to have some visibility.

Symptoms of CoronaVirus

Thesymptoms of coronavirus, as indicated by the Italian Ministry of Health website, are:

  • temperature
  • cough
  • breathing difficulties

In severe cases, the infection could causepneumonia, kidney failureand even death, especially in those most at risk and perhaps already suffering from other diseases or physical problems.

ATTENTION:fever, cough and respiratory difficulties do not necessarily correspond to being sick with CoronaVirus. It can be a very simple seasonal flu, soif you don’t feel well don’t bandage your head at all.However, it is essential, especially at a time like this, not to ignore these symptoms and not to underestimate them.

How the CoronaVirus is transmitted

The new Coronavirus can be transmitted from person to person,spreading mainlythrough close contactwith a sick person.

The main way of transmission are thedroplets that are found in the breath of infected peoplewith whom we can come into contact through:

  • saliva, coughing and sneezing
  • direct personal contacts
  • touching with contaminated (not yet washed) hands mouth, nose or eyes

How to defend yourself from CoronaVirus

Here, to conclude, some tips that will help youprotect and defend yourself from the CoronaVirus:

  • washyour hands often
  • avoid close contactwith people suffering from acute respiratory infections
  • do not touch youreyes, nose and mouth with your hands
  • cover your mouth and noseif you sneeze or cough
  • do not takeantiviraldrugsor antibiotics unless prescribed by your doctor
  • clean the surfaceswith alcohol (at least 60%) or chlorine based disinfectants
  • use the mask ONLY IF yoususpect you are sick or assist sick people
  • contact thetoll-free number 1500if you have a fever or a cough and have returned from China for less than 14 days
  • products made in China and parcelsarriving from China are NOT dangerous
  • pets doNOT spread the CoronaVirus

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