Tips On Using Hero Fanny On Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends remains in the hearts of its fans. One important character in Mobile Legends is Hero Fanny. He is the most agile assassin hero. With his Steel Cable, Hero Fanny can enter and exit the team fight easily and finish off dying enemies.

Tips on Using Hero Fanny on Mobile Legends
Tips on Using Hero Fanny on Mobile Legends

Tips on Using Hero Fanny on Mobile Legends

Not only that, Hero Fanny can also kill enemies who will escape quickly using Steel Cable and then use Tornado Strike or Cut Throat with extreme damage.

Play Hero Fanny

Many players who want to learn how to play Fanny but instead often become a feeder because they do not know how to master this one hero. My advice, do not immediately use this hero in classic mode let alone ranked. Start in custom mode or at least versus AI.

I just regretted that I immediately played Fanny in a match up (ranked) until finally I became a feeder many times until being insulted throughout the game. Especially if one throws the rope into the turret, he often dies like a fool and makes up this make hero again.

1. H current memorized the position of the wall

To move quickly, Fanny relies heavily on the walls and turrets that exist throughout the map. Study the map structure wherever it is and try to remember its position so you can easily land a Steel Cable without having to move the camera first.

And try if you want to remove the cable must fit into the wall so that the cable miss and if your cable does not hit the wall, then your energy will be the victim.

2. Must often farm

This is very important for this hero assassin, because fanny really needs the name buff, because the buff itself will affect your energy when you want to use cable. Farming itself can be interpreted by killing monsters in the forest.

3. Master the Skill of Steel Cable Well

Fanny’s main strength lies in his Steel Cable skill. With that skill, Fanny can use it either to attack opponents or move quickly.

To attack an opponent, you can use a combination of skills 2-3-1-2. First use skill 2 to attack, then use ultimate skill, then skill 1, and use skill 2 again to escape.

4. Use the Right Item for Fanny

Just like other heroes, Fanny will also be more leverage if you use the right items.

The following are some items that must be purchased when you use Fanny:

-Tooth of Greed

-Blade of Despair

-Wind Chaser

-Blade Armor

-Bloodthirsty King

Athens Shield

Thus you can play Hero Fanny on Mobile Legends. If you feel any issue, comment us in the comment box.

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