How the Confidential Mode Works on GMAIL

Let’s go back to talking aboutGmailin this article we want to talk about theConfidential Mode,one of the little-known featuresof the mailbox service.

To tell the truth, it’s not even a completely new feature as it was launched a few years ago, but many users are not really aware of its features.

How the Confidential Mode Works on GMAIL
How the Confidential Mode Works on GMAIL

How the Confidential Mode Works on GMAIL

The confidential mode allows the insertion of an “expiration date” to the emails we send. In fact, once the date has expired, the message will no longer be viewable by the recipient.

This mode offers another important function: emails marked as “confidential”, in fact, cannot be copied, forwarded, printed or downloaded in any way.

We would like to remind you and specify that with the confidential mode it can be useful to avoid accidental sharing of emails, and also allows you to set the expiration date of a message, revoke access at any time and even request the insertion of a verification code via SMS to be able to open one.

Follow Steps for how confidential mode works on Gmail

  1. First of all we would like to clarify (even if it seems obvious for many) that to use the confidential mode it is necessary to have a Gmail account.
  2. When we write an email we simply have to scroll down to the right and click with the left mouse button on the icon with a lock and a clock.
  3. Once the confidential mode is activated, we have the possibility to set an expiration date and a passcode (a verification code). These settings apply to both the message text and any attachment.
  4. With No SMS passcode, recipients with Gmail will open the email, others will receive an email with the passcode.
  5. With SMS Passcode, recipients will have the code via SMS (the recipient’s phone number must be entered). Click on Save.
  6. We can revoke the recipient’s display of the email even before the expiration date. To do this, let’s go to the Sent mail section. At this point, we open the confidential email and click on Remove access

As you have seen, it takes very little to use the confidential mode and it is certainly a useful function that could be of help to several users. Let us know what you think and if you use it. Leave a comment in the form below

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