How To Activate Dark Twitter (X) Mode [Night Mode]

Activate Dark Twitter Mode: If you are a Twitter user, you might have noticed the new UI design introduced by the Twitter website.

How To Activate Dark Twitter Mode [Night Mode]

This new interface is modern, minimal, refreshing, responsive, and faster than before. The new Twitter UI looks like the one shown above.

If you haven’t received a new interface design on your Twitter account, that means Twitter hasn’t updated your account to a new UI. You have to wait a while and your account will automatically be converted to the new interface design.

Unfortunately, many Twitter users who have been upgraded to this new design are not happy. They complained that Twitter did not provide an option to return to the old design.

Actually, when the new UI is under development and testing, Twitter gives the option “Switch to old Twitter” in the main profile menu which can be used to restore the previous classic UI on Twitter. Unfortunately, Twitter has removed this option after releasing a new interface to the public.

A few days ago someone found a way to restore the old UI on Twitter. They can restore the old UI by setting a cookie called “rweb_optin” so as not to use the Developer Tools (F12) feature of the web browser. Unfortunately, Twitter also fixes this solution and now if you turn off the cookie, it will automatically reset to the default value as soon as you refresh the page.

So now Twitter users are stuck with the new UI design and there is no way to restore the old design on the Twitter website.

The good news is that the new Twitter UI can be adjusted and you can adjust the appearance of the new UI according to your needs. You can change the font size, color scheme and switch to Dark / Night mode using the display settings provided in the new UI. Ok, just go ahead and how to activate Dark Twitter Mode:

How to Activate Dark Twitter (X) Mode

If you also want to adjust the new Twitter UI to make it look a little more fashionable, the following steps will help you:

1. Open the Twitter website and enter your account.

2. Now click on the ” More ” tab in the left sidebar.

3. Select the option ” Display “.

This will open the window ” Adjust your appearance “. Here you can add or reduce the font size according to your needs. You can also change the UI color theme if you don’t like the default color scheme.

This window also contains an option to activate Dark Mode or Night Mode. There are 2 dark modes available: dim and the lights are off. You can choose which mode is best for your eyes. After selecting the desired option, click the Finish button to apply the changes.

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