How To Be A Good Netflix Master

How to become a Netflix master: – Get the most out ofNetflix with using these tips. In this article, you will learn how to be a good netflix master.

How to be a Good Netflix Master
How to be a Good Netflix Master

How to Become a Netflix Master

Did you know that there are many ways to improve your Netflix experience? It’s almost like there’s a secret Netflix world just waiting for you to find out.

Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but we guarantee you will find some of theseNetflix hacksand tricks that are worth your while. Some of them can even dramatically improve your overall Netflix experience.

So if you’re ready to rock yourNetflixworld , hold your remote in front of you and shout, “It’s Netflixin time!”.

Find out what’s really new on Netflix

One of the things that can be frustrating about Netflix for many people is that they still want to hide their content. Netflix prefers to keep the illusion of having a huge library of content rather than giving you free access. It does this by swallowing new suggestions using its recommendation algorithm.

Fortunately, there are several online sites that maintain an up-to-date list of each show or movie that is added to Netflix on a daily basis, with AllFlicks being the most complete (and user-friendly) perhaps of all.

AllFlicks provides a fantastic list of content with deep search functionality, allowing you to search by name, category, type, year, “date made available” and even by logging. Clicking on a title gives you additional information, trailers, and even similar titles that you may like.

There are also direct links to the movie or show on Netflix to watch browser content. AllFlicks also has a “Randomizer” section which will recommend a random movie based on selected criteria.

The creator of AllFlicks has also launched Flixable, a site that provides much of the same functionality, with the added benefit of a full release schedule and list of titles leaving the service, sorted by date.

A clean site that is easy to navigate and filled with relevant information about shows and movies on Netflix, Flixable is a highly recommended resource for those who are serious about streaming.

Make your ‘My List’ again

For some reason, Netflix likes to rearrange your list in its own order based on what its algorithm thinks you want to watch at some point. This can be slightly annoying if you have a large list of titles waiting to scroll every time you want to watch a particular movie or TV show.

Fortunately, Netflix has hidden the ‘Manual Ordering’ settings that allow you to order your list the way you want.

To activate manual control, you must first connect to Netflix in an Internet browser window and enter your profile. Once you’re there, hover over your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen until a drop-down menu appears, then choose “Your Account” from the available options.

In the “Your profile” section of your account settings, click on “Order from my list”. Check the “Manual Ordering” box and click on “Save”.

Now go to your home screen, click “Browse”, then “My List”, and you will see a full list of your queued items that can be ordered as desired. You can also easily remove titles from your list here.

Customize your suggestions

Netflix likes to offer many types of shows and movies to its users, although sometimes they’re not always the ones that interest you. If you’re a fan of a particular genre, be it horror or documentaries, you can make sure Netflix always has them for you.

When you visit Netflix in a web browser, you will notice a “Personalize” section placed between “Browse” and “Children” at the top of the screen. Entering this section offers you a quiz, asking how often you watch certain genres – never, sometimes or often. Once you have filled it out, click on “Next”.

On the next screen, you will see a series of titles in the genres you preferred on the previous screen. To refine Netflix’s recommendations in these genres, give each title a rating of five stars. Do this on another screen to help Netflix be “smarter” for you, then let the algorithm work magically. You should now (hopefully) find yourself with a better range of recommendations.


Decades of traditional broadcasting practices have prepared us to watch our favorite shows week after week. And, because TV showrunners desperately want us to tune in to each episode of their shows, many programs are built on a cliffhanger model in the hope that we, the audience, will know what happens next. This weekly wait can be brutal at the age of instant gratification.

That said, Netflix has changed the game by giving its customers instant access to entire seasons of its shows on the first day – which includes big guns like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Marvel’s Daredevil. While DVD box sets started the trend towards overeating, Netflix has perfected it.

But how overeating is it too much? Everyone has a limit, that’s why BingeClock is such a useful website. You can enter the name of any TV show currently available on Netflix to get an immediate response on how long it would take to watch.

So if you plan to watch House of Cards for example, you can make this decision based on whether you’re ready to spend 39 hours watching it.

Force videos to play in HD

Netflix’s adaptive speed is quite impressive. It allows your shows and movies to continue broadcasting without cluttering the buffering instances by automatically increasing and reducing the bit rate of the video streamed based on the quality of your bandwidth at a given time.

However, if your bitrate is fluctuating a little too much for your liking, there is a trick to force the Netflix stream to lock in high definition – although this trick only works when viewing Netflix in a PC or Mac via a web browser.

To activate the Netflix Stream Manager options on a Windows PC, start playing a Netflix video and hold down the following keys: “Ctrl-Shift-Alt-S”.

You will be presented with a menu allowing you to replace the audio and video bit rates for the video you are watching, and even the Content Delivery Network (CDN).

To do the same from a Mac OS X computer, start looking at something and hold down the ‘Ctrl-Shift-Option-S’ key.

While Super HD bitrates from Netflix – typically used by content above 1080p, like 4K – aren’t available in a web browser, you can rest assured that you’re at least getting a high definition stream locked at the highest bitrate the browser version will allow.

See other countries Netflix Libraries

If there is one thing about Netflix that many people are not aware of, it is that your login credentials can be used to access all other versions of Netflix worldwide – a Netflix account fits all. You don’t need to change your payment information or sign up again or anything – all you have to do is make Netflix believe you’re in another country.

Netflix is ​​designed to automatically show you different versions of its service depending on the location of your computer or player. If you were to take a trip to Brazil and open the Netflix app during your visit, the content selection for Brazilian Netflix is ​​what would appear on your screen.

Fortunately, you don’t need to buy plane tickets to see Netflix content from different regions – a smart DNS or VPN service will hide your real location and put your location online where you want in the world.

VPN (virtual private network) services allow you to send and receive all your Internet data through encrypted tunnels to servers all over the world. You can choose from a range of VPN services, all offering servers in different physical locations.

If you’re looking for a cheaper and easier alternative to VPNs, a smart DNS service might be the answer. For example, Getflix is ​​a geolocation hiding service available to Australian and New Zealand users who will provide you with a smart DNS address for only US $ 3.95 per month.

Getflix provides simple instructions on how to configure your Netflix playback devices with your newly acquired DNS addresses. And if you decide you want more, Getflix recently added a VPN service to their subscription at no additional cost.

Smart DNS Proxy is another comprehensive service that provides intelligent DNS and VPN functionality and access to a range of servers around the world for a reasonable price of $ 4.90 per month.

Of course, if you go the DNS or Smart VPN path to make Netflix believe you’re in a different territory, it’s worth finding out what these other territories offer in terms of content libraries.

The Netflix Around the World site allows you to search for individual shows and movies, and quickly tells you in which Netflixterritories they are available. You can also check out the most popular shows in the world and those with the most user ratings.


I hope you used ourHow to become a Netflix master, right?

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