How To Cancel YouTube Premium?

When first entering the market in Turkey may not want to continue to use the first three months following the month when the first free lifetime YouTube Premium bits that you can use for free. For this, you can follow the YouTube Premium cancellation steps in our article.

How to Cancel YouTube Premium?
How to Cancel YouTube Premium?

There are some short steps tocancel Youtube Premium fromcomputer and phone . The same steps apply for canceling YouTube Music Premium.YouTube Premium subscription cancellationsteps inside :

How to CancelYouTube Premium on Computer?

    1. First, log fromany internet browser .
    2. Then click on yourprofile photo in theupper right corner of the screen .
    3. Log in to Settings in the window that opens.
    4. Click on the part that saysYouTube Premium inthe settings menu .
    5. Then you will see theCancel Membershipbutton.
    6. After clicking the Cancel Membership button, it may ask you why you want to cancel Youtube Premium. Confirm by specifying a reason that suits you.
    7. Finally, he will ask for a final confirmation to return to his free YouTube account. After confirming it,YouTube Premiumwill becanceled.

You can cancel YouTube Premium after 3 months from the computer by following the steps above. For the cancellation of Youtube subscription on the phone, follow the steps below.

How to Cancel YouTube Premium on the Phone?

You have the right to cancel your YouTube Premium membership using the iOS or Android YouTube apps available on the App Store.

    1. Open the YouTube app on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.
    2. Click on your profile photo in the upper right corner.
    3. Then click thePaid Membershipsbutton.
    4. UnderYouTube Premium, clickManage.
    5. You will be prompted to open the link in a web browser application. ClickOpennext to the browser you want to use .
    6. The internet browser you choose must have opened and installed the mobile web version of your paid membership. UnderYouTube Premium, clickCancel Membership.
    7. ClickYes, cancel to confirm your YouTube Premium cancellation.

After these transactions, yourYoutube Premiummembership will end.Youcan subscribe to Youtube Premium again at any time afterYoutube Premiumfree trial cancellation.

As of 2019, Youtube Premium fee is specified as16.99 TLper month . Although not very rich in content, music application can be preferred.

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