How To Center Taskbar Icons In Windows 10

We will explain the manual method that does not require you to download or install anything additional on your computer.

How To Center Taskbar Icons In Windows 10

How to center the taskbar icons in Window 10 (manual method)

The first thing you need to do is create an empty folder anywhere on your disk , you can put the name you want, I use the example “CB” for “center bar”, and leave it on the Desktop to have easy access to it.

The second is to make sure that your taskbar is not locked . To do this, right click on the taskbar and check if there is a “check” symbol in the “Lock the taskbar” option. If you have it, click there to unlock it, and if you don’t have it, we’re fine.

Now, if you want everything to look more symmetrical it is important that you remove all the buttons on the taskbar that do not move with this method, such as Search, Cortana, Task View, etc. To do this you just have to right click on the taskbar and hide them in the options:

We’re almost ready, it’s just a matter of having all the icons you use frequently anchored to the bar and we can move to center the bar creating a new toolbar:

Right click on the taskbar and bring the mouse pointer to the Toolbar . There choose New toolbar …

Now it will be time for you to select the folder we created at the beginning of this tutorial to be your new toolbar:

If you have done well, you should now see the ‘CB’ folder anchored at the end of your taskbar, and to the left of it you will see two vertical bars:

Hover the mouse pointer over the two bars and you’ll notice that you can drag it to the left. So do just that, drag it until it passes completely to the other side, until you reach the start button:

You will see something like in the image above. Now, simply drag the two vertical bars that appear next to your icons until they are in the center:

Finally, click on your ‘CB’ folder and uncheck the ‘Show text’ and ‘Show title’ options so that it disappears from there:

To make the vertical bars disappear, you just have to lock the toolbar again.

And that is the complicated method, the other is simply to download the FalconX application from the Microsoft Store and let it do everything for you. Of course, that only works on Windows 10, the manual method applies to all previous versions of the system.

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