How To Change Facebook E Mail?

We will talk about how to change Facebook E Mail and add new mail to Facebook . Transactions are valid for 2018, 2019, as well as for 2020 and later years, and there has been no change.

How to Change and Remove Facebook E Mail?
How to Change and Remove Facebook E Mail?

Facebookis no longer using our main e-mail address or we may have forgotten our e-mail password. Therefore, youmay want tochange Facebook mail. With the steps I will show you, you will be able to do these operations quickly from the computer and phone.

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Change Facebook E Mail (Mail)

By following the steps below, you can easily change, remove and add Facebook e-mail. Do not give your Facebook password to people you do not trust, since these procedures do not require much security measures.

If you do not realize that they have changed your e-mail address, they can steal your Facebook account and take over your pages even weeks later.

Steps to Change Facebook E Mail (Mail);

# 1First of all,you are logging into yourFacebookaccount. Weclickon the “” icon in theupper right corner of the screen that opens.

# 2Thenclick on Settings.

# 3General Account Settingswill be displayed on thescreen. There is a Communication field under the name and User Name options. Your Facebook main e-mail address, which you have previously determined, appears there. ClickEdithere toopen the editing screen.

# 4 After clicking Edit, a field will appear for you to enter your new email address as below. In this field, enter the new email address you chose for the Facebook email change.

# 5After entering your new Facebook mail address, you will be asked to enter your Facebook account password for security reasons. Enter your password andclick theSendbutton.

# 6After clicking the Send button, a confirmation email has been sent to your new mail address. Now login to your e-mail account to confirm your e-mail address.

# 7An e-mail with a 5-digit password and a Confirm button came to your mail address.Confirmthis e-mailby clicking theConfirmbutton.

# 8 After this step, your new e-mail addresshas been changed toFacebook Main Mail. If you want to remove your old Facebook e-mail address after these processes, youcan perform the removal by clickingtheRemovebuttonnextto it.

Finally, you can close the page by saying Save Changes.

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