How To Configure Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spot is The latest update to Amazon’s Echo brought a touch of design that was sorely lacking in its original line-up.

How to configure Amazon Echo Spot
How to configure Amazon Echo Spot

We’ll get straight to the point: the Amazon Echo Spot is the best-designed Alexa device that Amazon has ever created; it’s a gadget that you would have in your bedroom, on your desk, in your kitchen.

The Amazon Echo Spot is versatile – it doesn’t have the ability to adapt to the room in which you installed it, but it’s certainly not a smart alarm clock, which Amazon has been very clear about.

Amazon Echo Spot design

The problem is, it looks like a smart alarm clock, which means that it may become its default use for many, but its use extends beyond that.

TheAmazon Echo Spotis unlike any other Echo device, and that’s a good thing. Its curved hull does more than enough to make up for its brother’s design flaws.

Where the large and voluminous Amazon Echo Show has invaded all the areas where you installed it, not thanks to its brutalist black slab look, the Echo Spot is much more refined in its design.

Surprisingly, it turns out that the best way to make a desktop-based video device is to give up the look of the TV and go with something that is compact and looks good.

The Echo Spot is a cross between an Echo Dot and a smaller version of the Amazon Show.

In terms of size, it’s the equivalent of a mango. Mangoes aren’t the most scientific way of measuring things, of course, but at least that gives you an indication that it’s a fairly compact device with a curved back and a tilted screen, which makes it easy to see .

It’s a beautiful device, certainly something you don’t mind being presented in your home unlike the show.

Amazon Echo Spot features and configuration

The unit we looked at was black but there is also a white one available. The screen is small, at 2.5 inches (480 × 480 pixels).

At the top of the screen there is room for a camera and on the top of the device there are three buttons.

Anyone familiar with the Echo range will know what they are: high, low and mute volume for the microphone – this will also deactivate the camera. There are also four small pinhole holes. These house the four-row microphones that listen to the word wake-up call.

On the back, you have a nice Amazon brand and a power slot and a 3.5mm jack.

The loudspeaker grille of the Spot is located just at the base of the device, which makes it invisible when viewing the Spot. Bluetooth functionality is also available.

Once operational, you have the option of watching Amazon’s promotional video that tells you what you can do with the device. It is not a masterpiece, but it is worth it to sit down so that you have an idea of ​​what you bought.

These prompts can be disabled in the settings. It is in the settings where you can switch the house cards to a stop as well. Home cards are information that appears on the Home screen.

Amazon Echo Spot performance

The performance depends on what you actually use it for. If you have used it as an alarm clock, then it has everything you need. There are a myriad of dials to choose from – both analog and digital. There are also some themed themes.

We really liked the Record Face and there is an owl if you prefer.

There is also a night mode which is very practical and works well. Put it on and it will dim the screen for the hours you choose.

Amazon has also made sure that you can have a song wake you up as the alarm. Or a radio station.

You can also read your messages on the screen and make calls. It’s a new addition to Alexa in the UK which has been in the US for quite some time now.

It sounds a little strange when it comes to watching a 16: 9 video on a small round screen. Amazon has given the option to “zoom” the image to fit the round shape, however. While it would be hideous on a larger screen size, we preferred it on the Spot.

When it came to using the Spot in the kitchen, we found it great to watch something on Amazon Prime while cooking our food. It synchronized very well with our Prime Video account and the new episode of Red Oaks that we were watching.

Having the ability to call up recipes and hours and see them on the screen was also a real benefit. The ability to run multiple timers at the same time really helped when preparing a roast dinner.

Final verdict

The Amazon Echo Spot does everything that the Echo Show does but everything feels better in this small format. The design is great – it’s available in black and white – and we can easily see the Spot used in the bedroom, the kitchen or even on a desk. In fact, you may want it in all of these places.

This is what happens with the Amazon Echo Spot – just like other Echo devices, Amazon wants you to have a multitude of them at home so that you can always have access to video chat, no matter where you are.

Basically, they want the Echo point to replace the Echo point. The Amazon Echo Spot is a little more expensive than the new Echo, and in turn much more expensive than an Echo Dot.

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