How To Connect Mouse And Keyboard To A PS4

Connect Mouse and Keyboard to a PS4: Generally the world of consoles and personal computers are very far apart. One of the main differences lies precisely in the controls: while in the first case we rely on controllers, in the second mouse and keyboard they are definitely the masters.

How to Connect Mouse and Keyboard to a PS4
How to Connect Mouse and Keyboard to a PS4

In spite of what can be believed, however, sometimes these differences are bridging. Not many in fact know, for example, that it is possible to Connect Mouse and Keyboard to a PS4.

Even more surprising is that, to perform this action, no additional third-party hardware or special console manipulations are required.

In fact, theSonyplatform can simply be connected to peripherals usually relegated to the PC environment with some ease.

All the benefits of connecting a mouse and keyboard to a PS4

Have you ever had to enter text using a PS4 controller ? It certainly wasn’t one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! Most likely you thought that with a keyboard it would have been much simpler. Indeed, a keyboard allows you to type messages to friends faster and without too much effort.

Since PS4 is not only an excellent gaming console, it is also a multimedia machine, the use of a keyboard can be a significant added value in order to communicate with your friends. Likewise, the mouse can also help greatly in certain contexts.

Not only that: there are some titles for PS4 that support the use of a keyboard and mouse. The MMO genre, rather popular, offers several rather important examples such asFinal Fantasy XIV.

Although personal tastes play a fundamental role in this area, it is undeniable that the use of mouse and keyboard can bring different advantages and a much better gaming experience.

Games that support mouse and / or keyboard

Unfortunately, the list of games that officially support the mouse and / or keyboard is not very long at the moment.

Among the few available we mention, in addition to the aforementioned Final Fantasy XIV also Air Combat Simulation, War Thunder, DC Universe Online and Paragon. As for the titles that only support the keyboard we can mention Elder Scroll Online and Neverwinter.

While the list of games that officially support mouse and keyboard use is limited, there are ways to still use these devices with your favorite game.

These are third-party products such asXim 4 AdapterandXim Apex Adapter , special dongles that allow you to use a mouse and keyboard for practically any game.

Note:the use of this method can be very dangerous. For many games, in fact, the use of a keyboard and a mouse is considered a real cheat. This means that you can see your profile banned for using these devices.

How to connect mouse and keyboard to a PS4

Playstation 4 supports three types of keyboards and mice, which vary according to the type of connection:USB,wirelessandBluetooth. Regardless of the type of peripherals you have available, connecting them to a PS4 is simple and painless.

Furthermore, since the console in question uses the standard Bluetooth protocol, the compatibility problems are almost zero. This is also an economic advantage, since you don’t have to spend a small fortune on custom-made peripherals for the Sony console.

PS4 keyboard connected via USB

If you are using a wired keyboard or a wireless keyboard with a USB dongle, connect the keyboard to one of the two USB ports on the front of the console. These are the same USB ports used to chargeDualShock 4 controllers.

After connecting the USB cable or the wireless USB dongle, wait a moment and the PS4 should automatically recognize the keyboard and mouse.

The PS4 will then ask which profile you want to associate with the newly connected peripherals. Once you have made your selection, you will be able to use the keyboard and mouse freely.

PS4 keyboard connected via Bluetooth

If you use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, go to the settings menu on your PS4. From there, go toDevicesBluetooth Devices. The console will automatically search for nearby Bluetooth devices. At this point, you can locate the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse by putting them in pairing mode.

If you don’t know how, consult the instruction manual of your Bluetooth device in question. The PS4 should then locate the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and ask which profile the devices should use. Once you choose a profile, you will be able to use the peripherals.

Change the keyboard and mouse settings

In addition to connecting the mouse and keyboard to a PS4, it is also good to better manage the settings. For example, if you want to adjust the speed of the mouse pointer or change the keyboard language, you can do it by going to theSettingsmenu and then selectingDevicesand choosing between mouse and keyboard. Here you will be able to change the behavior of the connected devices.

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