How To Create A Perfect Facebook Cover Image

When changing or updating our Facebook cover image, it often happens to make many attempts before getting something satisfactory that respects its exact dimensions.

How to Create a Perfect Facebook Cover Image

By uploading a photo with the wrong proportions or dimensions, Facebook cuts out part of the image and makes us lose some parts of photos that could be important to us.

For this purpose, in this article, we will seehow to create a perfect Facebook cover image for your profile, with the distances also of the elements around it such as the profile photo. The measurements of the Facebook cover or cover are updated to 2020.

How to Create a Perfect Facebook Cover Image

Thedimensions of the Facebook covervisible from adesktoporlaptopcomputer, with the exact distances from the profile photo, are849 x 313 pixels(the proportions are exactly2.86: 1). The distance of the profile photo from the left edge is 21 pixels, while the upper space is 171 pixels. Theprofile imageinstead is round with a diameter of 160 pixels.

As you can see, the size of the cover image varies, depending on where it will be viewed. From mobile (therefore from the Facebook app for smartphones) the maximum dimensions are984 x 607or if you prefer to know the aspect ratio1.62: 1.

Obviously, in both cases, these are the maximum dimensions of the photo. If, on the other hand, you upload a photo with a higher resolution than these measurements, it will be resized in order to adapt to the standard format set by the social network.

Given the difference then between desktop and app,what is the size of a perfect Facebook cover?

Making quick reasoning, the answer is simple, but it requires only a little patience in the adaptation.

The ideal image to upload must have the exact dimensions for the desktop (i.e. 849 x 313 px) but with alittle care. Since it will be displayed perfectly on your computer, without losing any part of the photo, it will be good to concentrate on the subject or part of our interest in the center of the photo.

In this way, we will not lose particular details that would be hidden on smartphones. In fact, on the mobile app, the two sidebands indicated in orange in the image above are lost (by uploading a photo of the dimensions indicated above). Displaying exactly the central area of ​​size 508 x 313 pixels.

Thesize of the cover of the Facebook Pagesand not of the profiles instead is 820 x 313 pixels.

If the use of too complicated photo editing programs is not your forte, there are several excellent sites, apps and free software that allow you to resize or adapt photos and images automatically, so as to make this operation quick and easy.

Online sites to crop or resize a photo

Iloveimg.comis definitely the best online image editor with an Italian interface. Very simple to use, with two tools perfect for our purpose, namely “Resize image” and “Crop image“.

With both tools, all you have to do is load the image and then enter the size to which you want to resize or crop the photo. In a few seconds, the processed file will be ready to download and use as a Facebook cover.

PC program to crop or resize a photo

If instead of using websites, I wanted to use a program on Windows? In this case, the best program to resize one or more photos in a simple and fast way, a very simple to use the program, with an interface in Italian, with more tools than the classic Paint integrated with Windows.

Once you download this program, all you have to do is open the photo and select the part of it you want to crop, using the first icon in the other on the left. In the status bar at the bottom, find the indication with the exact size you are selecting. Once you have captured the exact part of your interest, by clicking on the ”Image” menu on ”Crop Selection” you can save the photo thus cropped.

If, on the other hand, the image is only to be resized, always in the ”Image” menu, click on“Resize …” and save the modified image.

Android app to crop or resize a photo

Photo & Picture Resizer (Android)

If you want to resize photos directly from your Android smartphone, this application with an interface in Italian, simple to use, will be for you.

Just choose a photo from those available on the Android device or take one and set the size of the Facebook cover. The application also allows you to crop photos to your liking.

IOS app to crop or resize a photo

Image Size (iOS)

If you want to resize the photo for the Facebook cover from iPhone or iPad, you can download the freeImage Size app. Again, resizing the photo for the Facebook cover is very simple: select the photo, indicate the pixel value (849 x 313 pixels) at the top and save the final result in the device memory.

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