How To Customize The Bottom Bar Of Chrome

Customize the Bottom Bar of Chrome: In this guide we will see how to configure and customize the lower toolbar of the Chrome browser. Google Chrome is mostly used browser on Smartphones.

How to Customize the Bottom Bar of Chrome
How to Customize the Bottom Bar of Chrome

Customize the Bottom Bar of Chrome

Since we use it so often, looking for ways to improve, customize or make its use more efficient is very common for most users. One aspect that we can customize, although many do not know, is the lower browser bar, which allows you to add new features.

It’s a hidden feature, but it can be very useful for many users in Chrome for Android. Therefore, we show you how we can customize this bar at the bottom, in addition to the customization options that we can use.

How to add features in the bottom bar of Chrome

The idea behind this function is to be able to make the lower navigation bar more useful. There are several options that allow us to change the items shown in this bar at the bottom of Google Chrome.

Instead of having the typical options within them, you can choose from several combinations. Therefore, this bar can be used in the best possible way in the browser.

With these changes, the bottom bar in the browser will now have three buttons in total, the combination of which will be variable. Depending on the use that will be made of it, it will be possible to have a combination of buttons on this bar at the bottom that will better adapt to our needs. It’s definitely a way to personalize Chrome without much effort.

The feature is available, although not in the browser settings. As you can imagine, it is an experimental function. Regardless of the version of Chrome you use on Android, everyone will beable to access this experimental function and activate it.

What can be different depending on the version used are the names. To change this bottom bar, the steps to follow are:

  1. Open Chrome on your phone.
  2. Enter the address bar.
  3. Enter the following address in the URL bar:chrome: // flags / # enable-chrome-duet
  4. Hit Enter
  5. Click Default.
  6. In the menu that appears on the screen, choose the desired combination.
  7. Restart your browser to save your changes.

Once chrome is reopened, you will see the bottom bar modified with a new combination of buttons.

You can try different combinationsto see which one is most suitable for the use you want to make of the browser on your Android phone.

The available options, which you can see in this photo are: Home (to go to the home page) – Search – Share – Cards – Open a new window

You can use any of them in Chrome on Android, to have a more comfortable use of the browser. For now it seems that this function remains in the menu of experimental functions, but for those users who want to customize their phone, it is a good option to consider.

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