How To Block YouTube Advertising On Smartphones

YouTube ad-free on iPhone, iPod, iPad and iOS. Here is the guide to remove, hide, block YouTube advertising on iOS: simple, fast, FREE

How to Block YouTube Advertising on smartphones
How to Block YouTube Advertising on smartphones

Block YouTube advertising on iPhone

It was a long time since I used daily anAppleproduct withiOSand I must say that I lacked a bitthe speed and efficiencyof the Apple operating system forsmartphonesand tablets.

Coming from years of usingAndroid ,however, I ran into the“closure” and the limited possibility of customizing iOS.

Quite simply, on myAndroid smartphoneI have manyapps that allow me to block advertisements from the internetin an easy, fast and free way, includingYouTube , Facebook , Instagramand othersocial networks. So, after setting up my iPad Mini, I immediately searched forsimilar apps on the App Store, without being able to find them.

In particular, I needed an app that would allow me toblock YouTube advertising.I don’t care much about the other social networks, since I use them a little on iPad, but YouTube I use a lot on the Apple tablet and I got tired very quickly of theads and advertisementsthat appear when I try to see videos on the Google social network.

Are you aware of theadvertising that appears before, during and after YouTube videos? The most annoying one, from my point of view, is the one that appearsbefore playing a video, which cannot be skipped, which makes you waste time and which above all you must necessarily click in order to start playing the video of your interest.

Since I just can’t standthe advertising that appears on YouTube, Iworkedhard to find programs thatblocked or eliminated it, making it very difficult to find any.

After several hours of research, however, I finally managed to find theprogramI needed.

The app is called“Luna”and in essence it is afreeVPN for iPhone, iPod and iPadwhich, in addition to allowing you tosurf safely and anonymously on the web,also allows you toblock all YouTube advertising.

If you are also tired ofYouTube advertising and adsand are looking for a simple, fast and free solution, below I will explain what you need to do.

It will only take you 30 secondsto reach your goal, guaranteed!

YouTube ad-free iPhone, iPod, iPad, iOS

Do you want to delete YouTube advertising?Here’s what you need to do!

  • DownloadTHISFREEAPPfrom the App Store
  • Run it
  • Activate it by following the simple instructions that appear on the screen
  • EnjoyYouTube without ads on iPhone, iPod, iPad and iOSin general

Simple, easy, fast, free, within everyone’s reach!

From now on, you canopen any website on the iPhone, iPad and iPod without advertising, ads and annoying banners.

As anticipated,being a VPN, all your internet traffic will also be safe, secure and anonymous:no one will be able to intercept the data you exchange with the web or the websites you visit. And the data you enter on various sites (such as that of your bank, for example) will beextremely secure.

Block Facebook and Instagram advertisements on iPhone, iPod, iPad

Unfortunately I noticed thatthis VPN does not block advertising on Facebook and Instagram, butonly on internet browsers (Safari, Chrone ..) and YouTube.

However, I must say that blocking the ads on these portals is enough for me and I am advancing.


At this point you just have to do is download the Luna app, follow my instructions andenjoy YouTube without advertising on iPhone, iPod, iPad and iOS in general.

Since I discovered it, I can’t do without it anymore: I can finallywatch all the YouTube videos without the annoying advertising that appears before each movie.

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