How to Defeat Behemoth In Final Fantasy XVI

The Behemoth is one of the bosses that you will have to defeat in Final Fantasy XVI. He will appear during Pandemonium and will make things much more complicated for you than normal.

Behemoth: Attacks and How to Defeat Him in Final Fantasy XVI

How to Defeat Behemoth In Final Fantasy XVI

Throughout the story and main missions of Final Fantasy XVI you will face dozens of final bosses or bosses that await you in each chapter. In this section, we will explain how to defeat the Behemoth, a boss that you will face during Pandemonium

Behemoth: attacks and how to defeat it

The Behemoth is a huge enemy but luckily it does not have a wide variety of attacks. Of course, it has numerous meteorite attacks to take into account:

  • Lunge: Puts both front legs together and, after a deceptively slow jump, slams into your position almost immediately. If you pay attention to the highest point of the jump, it dodges right there perfectly.
  • Slash: The Behemoth raises a claw BACKWARDS (important detail) and then launches a powerful sideways claw. You can do it with either of the two claws.
  • Spin Attack: It will turn sideways towards you, raise one of its front legs, and then do a 360-degree attack. Step back to avoid it.
  • Reverse claw: It is a similar attack to the previous one, but it will cross the claw in front of itself before launching a horizontal claw.
  • Vertical Slash: The Behemoth raises one claw UP, NOT BACK (unlike the Slash), and delivers a powerful downward slam into the ground. You can use it consecutively, alternating one claw with the other, multiple times.
  • Tail Strike: If you get behind him, he will wave his tail before hitting you with it.
  • Tackle: will place one of the forearms on the ground, hit the shoulder against the surface and advance by sweeping the area. Easy to avoid and block.
  • After the first phase of Vulnerable, he will use Meteo eclipsis and you will have to overcome two Accurate Counters. Then, as usual, he will add new attacks.


  • Vortex: A tornado will chase you around, dealing damage if it hits you, while patches of lightning damage appear across the ground.
  • Comet: Damage zones will appear on the ground. Against them will be impacting meteorites that cause area damage and, in addition, launch shock waves that you must avoid or jump. As an addition, on the sides of the Behemoth open two portals from which smaller projectiles are fired.
  • Meteo: Will launch several meteors that deal area damage and create slightly spreading damage zones. Try to stay between the hit zones so you don’t have to dodge like crazy.
  • Meteo finis: He will use this attack when you kill him. You have to get out of the damage zone to avoid getting blown up.
  • Remember that this is just one of the many enemies you will face in Final Fantasy XVI. If you’re having trouble taking him down, you might want to change your weapon or use an additional ability.

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