How To Download Free Books On Kindle – Working Guide

Kindle how to download books for free: here is the guide to do it easily and quickly. Free download books for Kindle: find out how to do it in the simplest way

How to Download Free Books on Kindle - Working Guide
How to Download Free Books on Kindle – Working Guide

Download free Kindle books

Can you download free books for Kindle? Obviously yes, and in this article we will see how to do it in the easiest and fastest way, even if you are a novice and inexperienced user.

In today’s guide, in fact, I want to answer one of the most frequently asked questions lately:how to download Kindle books for free?

Since unfortunately I cannot answer all users individually, I decided to publish a single article in which you will be able to find all the necessary informationto download free books for Kindle in Italian.

Let’s not get lost in useless chatter, let’s see nowwhere to download free books for Kindle.

How to download free Kindle books

First of all you need to know that Amazon offers a very interesting service, calledKindle Unlimited, which at the price of 9.99 € per month allows you to download and read all the books you want.

Thanks to Kindle Unlimitedyou can download all the books and ebooks offered by Amazon directly to your Kindle by paying a very reduced monthly fee.The functioning of Kindle Unlimited is the same as Spotify, with the difference that instead of songs here you can read anddownload booksandebooks.

If you want totry Kindle Unlimited for free for a month, you can go directlyHERE. You can test Kindle Unlimited for free for 30 days and then decide whether to start paying for the subscription or cancel everything.

This is definitely the best way todownload books and ebooks to your Kindle,also because you can do the whole procedure directly from your ebook reader, without necessarily having to go through the computer.

If instead you want tounderstand how to download free ebooks for Kindle,without paying anything, keep reading this guide.

Free download Kindle ebook

If you need the name of somesite to downloadfree ePub books for Kindle, I recommend:

  • Unblocked– as forbooks in English and international languages ​​itis the best. Inside you will find links to many sites that catalog books online and allow you to download them in a few clicks. Spectacular, a pity that it works little for Italian books
  • Marapcana– with regards tobooks in Italian itis one of the best. Just go to the site, do a search and in a few clicks you will find all the books in PDF or EPUB that interest you. Just a shame that the sites are loaded on various external file hosting sites, which often offer a lot of advertising or make the downloads a little difficult, sometimes downloading unwanted programs. Just open your eyes anyway and pay some attention to download the book of your interest
  • me it is the best site currently available. It is always very up to date, it allows you to download books in PDF or EPUB in one click, there is little advertising and the download is quick and easy. They also have a constantly updated Telegram channel

To date these are the best sites whereyou can download free books for Kindle.In particular, I point out that the last 2 sites are perfect fordownloading free ebooks for the Italian Kindle, while through the first site you will be able to find mainly foreign and English-language books.

In all cases, if you were wonderingwhere to download free books for Kindle or where to download free ebooks for Kindle,these sites perfectly answer your question. They are always up to date and it will be impossible not to find the book you are looking for, even if it has just been released.

Obviously it will be necessary tovisit these sites from PC / Mac, download the book you are interested in,convert it to Kindle formatand transfer it to your ebook reader in order to read it.

NOTE:the books will be downloaded inePubformat,but thanks to our guide you canconvertthemto .Mobi format to read them on Kindle.In particular, you will find below the guide that explains how toconvert ePub to Mobi in order to make them compatible with Kindle ebook readers:

Kindle reads epub?

No, by default Kindle does not read the epub format of books. Precisely for this reason above we have put the link to a guide that explains how toconvert books from epub to mobi in order to make them compatible with your Kindle ebook reader.

A few simple steps will be enough to make epub read to the Kindle.

How to Download Free Books on Kindle – Conclusions

With this guide we have concluded.

We have seen in a few simple stepshow to download free Kindle booksin the simplest and most immediate way possible, both for expert users and for novice users.

If your goal was to getfree Kindle books, I’d say we hit it in full. Or am I wrong?

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