How To Download Movies On IFlix

Download Movies on iFlix: Love watching a movie? Surely we are already familiar with one of the online movie streaming providers iFlix. Besides streaming, we can also enjoy movies on iFlix by downloading the films on our cellphones.

How to Download Movies on iFlix
How to Download Movies on iFlix

It turns out that iFlix is ​​one of the online movie streaming services that replace Netflix that was once blocked. By using iFlix we can watch a variety of the latest films. Starting from domestic films and Hollywood films.

The habit of watching movies online will certainly make our internet quota run out quickly. One solution to save quota is to save movies from iFlix to Gallery.

That way we can also watch the video many times even when it is offline.

However, before entering into how to download movies on iFlix. First, we know iFlix more deeply. Like learning the benefits of iFlix and also how to subscribe to iFlix.

Advantages of iFlix

As a streaming movie service application. iFlix provides thousands of films and TV series from local and international. To support its users iFlix also provides video download features.

This download feature really helps users to watch their favorite movies without having to interfere with the buffer. In addition, there are also various other features such as Add and Follow. Wherewith these features users can choose the desired channel. And also get movie recommendations based on the history of the movie being watched.

With theAdd feature, users can add channels, movies, TV series to the homepage. So that it will be easier for users without having to search for TV shows or movies they want to watch.

While theFollowfeature works to make it easier for users to follow the watch list recommended by celebrities or influencers.

How to Subscribe to iFlix

After we know all the advantages of iFlix. Then how to subscribe to the iFlix application yourself. We need to know that subscribing to iFlix is ​​not free.

Even so, iFlix will provide free usage for 1 to 3 months for new users.

Normally, to be able to subscribe to iFlix we have to pay around Rp. 39,000 per month. Or equal to IDR 32,000 per month if we subscribe annually. Cheap enough right? then we have to go to the movies every weekend?

How to subscribe to iFlix:

  1. The first step is to make sure we already have theiFlixapplication on our Android.
  2. After that open the application. Then do theloginprocess as usual if we already have an iFlix account. If you don’t have an account, we mustregisterfirst. In addition, we can also log in using a FacebookorGmail account.
  3. If it is your first time registering iFlix. Then we will get free service for 1 to 3 months (depending on iFlix policy).
  4. After the trial period ends there will be a notification whether we will continue to subscribe to iFlix or not.

How to Download Movies on iFlix Mobile

If we already have the iFlix application and already have an account. Then we can take the film in iFlix then store it in the HP Gallery.

How to download the latest movies on iFlix:

  1. Open the iFlix application on our cellphone.
  2. After that,find the moviethat we want to download.Play the film.
  3. After that, click theDownloadicon that appears on the page of the film.
  4. Then choose theresolutionor quality of the video. There are 3 qualities that we can download. Namelyhigh,medium, andlow. Each of these qualities has different sizes.
  5. After we choose the resolution that we want to download. then clickStart Downloadto begin the download process.
  6. Wait until the download is complete.
  7. After the download is complete we can watch the movie offline from our mobile gallery.

That’s how to download movies on iFlix easily. We can use this method both with an Android Smartphone and with an iPhone. Good luck!.

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