How To Download Videos On Line Easily

Download Videos on Line: It’s not strange anymore when seeing a good and interesting video on Line it feels like to immediately download. Like when we find interesting videos in the timeline so want to save it to the mobile gallery.

How to Download Videos on Line Easily
How to Download Videos on Line Easily

As we all know Line is one of the most popular social networking applications. Because Line has so many features. For example, such as Sticker, Shopping Features, Saving money, points, coupons, and news channels are also available.

Although sometimes we often feel disturbed because a lot of notifications come in from various channels. But with the various interesting features that make us feel at home for long using the Line. On this occasion will review about how to download videos on Line. You need to read this article to the end.

Here’s how to download videos on line:


  1. Open the LINE application
  2. Then find and open achatcontaining the video you want to save
  3. Next, select or open the video
  4. Later you will see the Download logo in the lower right corner of the video
  5. Then press the download icon
  6. Wait until the download is complete
  7. After the download is complete. Look for the video in your Android Gallery
  8. You can also share the video by clicking on the share logo in the lower left corner


Next will explain how to download videos on the Line in the timeline using the help of the X-plore File Manager application. You need to try this method to get the video you want. The method is quite easy, here is an explanation:

  1. The first step that must be done is to first download and install theX-plore File Managerapplication on Android.
  2. Once successfully installed. Then open the Line application. Then look for interesting videos in the timeline that you want to save. Play the video until it’s finished.
  3. Furthermore, after watching the video until it’s finished. The next step you need to do is to open the X-plore File Manager application. Open Internal Storage and select Android then select Data.
  4. Then find and open thejp.naver.line.androidfolder and select the Cache folder. If the cache is open, choose the mm folder. All you have to know if the file in the folder is temporary and will disappear after a while.
  5. Then rename the video cache you just saw. To determine the file is correct or not you can see the date and time attached to the file. Change the file name. Give also the extension. Mp4 at the end of the file name.
  6. The next step is to move the renamed file to another folder so that the file is not lost.

Save videos on Line without an application

Well, there is a way to download videos on Line in another way that is without using an application. Sounds so interesting, that’s why it doesn’t hurt to listen. Here is the summary:

  1. Run the Line application on the cellphone
  2. Then find the video you want to download.
  3. Next tap point three in the upper right corner. Then select Copy link.
  4. Next open theweb browserapplication on the smartphone. Paste the link in theaddress bar.
  5. Make sure tolog inusing your Line account. If you havelogged in, atimeline will appear.
  6. After that, download the video. You do this by tap and hold the video until the text appearsdownload. Press writing or can use the way toclick the downloadvideoiconin the lower right corner of the video.
  7. Wait while the download process is complete.
  8. If later you can see the video in the gallery or in the storage folder.

How to download videos on the Lineabove is the result of technological developments that are increasingly rapidly advancing as it is today. So much to make it easy for humans to do things. One of them when you want to make long distance communication becomes more practical and economical.

As we all know, messaging applications that can be done every day are very helpful and support communication activities in daily activities.

Especially now with the help of technology not only sending text messages, but we can also send pictures, make video calls, voice notes and even calls for free. All of that is of course thanks to the technological sophistication of today. Where everything is in the hand.

Talking about the messaging application, almost every young person now uses Line as a medium of communication. The media by online means where online activities such as being a basic necessity. Considering anything using a cell phone and certainly must be connected to the internet

Line itself is so loved by many people, especially young people, because there are so many emoticons that can be used. Also funny characters, interesting videos and many other interesting activities that can be found there. Therefore it is natural that Line is so popular.

There are tons of unique and interesting videos that can be collected by downloading. Therefore you need to pay attention to a summary ofhow to download videos on Lineso you don’t get caught.

The most unique is the presence of various characters that can represent our feelings. You can choose any type of character and of course you also in Line will find news that often appears via notifications.

Here’show to download videos on Line, Convey your opinions in the comments column and don’t forget to activate notifications from to get information, tips, and other best news about the world of technology. Good luck and Have a Nice Day!

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