How to Fix GPS Not Working

If you feel that the GPS on your cellphone is inaccurate, or the GPS signal is often lost, it means there is a problem with the GPS system on your cellphone. There are many ways to re-accurate GPS signals using various techniques, but this does not mean strengthening the signal.

How to Fix GPS Not Working

The presence of GPS is now very useful, because Google itself is always updating maps so that they are more accurate. Especially when traveling to a distant place and don’t know the direction, one tool that can help make traveling easier is using GPS.

All types of smartphones have a GPS feature, both Android and iOS. But what if the GPS signal and accuracy suddenly disappear? Here’s how to solve a GPS that isn’t working.

How to Fix GPS Not Working

These are some tips so that the GPS on your cellphone functions properly again. The method is quite easy and can be applied to all brands of cell phones.

Restartthe location settingson the cellphone

The first step to test GPS not working is to restart the location settings on the phone. The way to do this is by going to theSettings menu / Settings > General > Location Settingsand then turning it off first, then waiting a few moments and activating it again. And if this method still doesn’t work, try restarting your cellphone.

DeleteMaps/Google Maps application data

If the first method still doesn’t work, there may be an error in the cache system and data in the GPS. The tip is of course to delete cache and cookies on GPS application data. Can be done manually or using the Cleaner application on the Playstore or Appstore.

Reinstall the Maps application on your cellphone

If the second method still doesn’t work, the third step is to reinstall the Maps application on your cellphone. Make sure to download the Maps application using Wi-Fi because the data that will be released is quite large.

FixedPath Location

The final step if the three tips above still fail, is to repair thepath location.The system is similar to if you tinker with your cellphone by changing the ROM on the cellphone.

The repair steps are as follows.

  • BukaSettings > Application Manager > Google Service Frame Work dan kemudian clear data.
  • Continue to openApplication Manager > Maps / Google Mapsagain and doForce StopandClear Data.
  • After that, turn offLocation ServicebySettings > Disable Location Service.
  • Finally restart your cellphone.

That’s how to fix a GPS that isn’t working. All the methods above can be done without rooting the cellphone.

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