How To Find The GPS Coordinate For Any Location

Find the GPS coordinate for any location: The GPS coordinates that are provided by the Global Positioning System are provided for any location in the form of longitude and latitude.

How to Find the GPS coordinate for any location

Longitude shows the distance east or west of the prime meridian and latitude is the distance north or south of the equator. If the exact longitude and latitude of any point on earth is known, it means that the exact location is known.

Sometimes you want to know the exact coordinates of any place. Because most of the mobile map apps don’t show the location in this format. So this article can be helpful as I am going to explain how to find the GPS coordinate for any location in Google Maps (both for the mobile app and for the web), Bing Map and iPhone coordinates. Let’s get started then.

Find the GPS coordinate for any location

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Method 1: Find the GPS coordinate using Google Maps

Google maps are the best way to track any location as they have good data and lots of features. They are basically two ways to get the coordinates on Google maps.

First, go to Google Maps and give the location, where you want to go.

1. Once, you searched for its location and the shape of the pin will appear at that point. You can get the exact coordinate of the location in the URL of your website in the address bar.

2. If you want to check the coordinates of any place on the maps, you don’t have the address of the place. Just click with the right mouse button on the point of the map, which coordinates you want to check. A list of options will appear, just choose the option “What’s here?”

3. After choosing this option, a box will appear just below the search box, which will have the coordinate and name of that location.

Method 2: Find GPS Coordinates Using Bing Maps

Some people also use Bing Maps, here I will show how to check the coordinates in Bing Maps as well.

  • First, go to Bing Maps and search for your location by name.
  • It will indicate your location with the pin symbol and on the left side of the screen you will see all the details related to that point.
  • At the bottom of most of the location details, you will find the coordinate of that particular location.

Similarly, as in Google Maps, if you don’t know the exact location of the address and just want to check the details, right-click on the point on the map, it will give you the coordinate and name of that location.

Method 3: Find the GPS coordinates using the Google Maps application

The Google Maps application does not give you the option to get the coordinates directly, but if you still want the coordinates, you can use this method.

First, install the Google Maps application on your mobile and search for the address you want to locate. Now zoom the application to the maximum and long press the point until a red pin appears on the screen.

Now, look in the search box at the top you can see the coordinate of the location.

Method 4: How to get coordination in Google maps on iPhone

The Google maps application has the same features on the iPhone, you have to long press on the pin to get the coordinates, the only difference is that the coordinates come in the lower section of the iPhone screen, while all other features are the same as the Android-based application.

Once you long press the pin, you will only get the name of the location, to see other details such as the coordinates you need to pass the lower block (information card) like this:

Similarly, you can also get the GPS coordinates of any place using the built-in Maps on the iPhone by long pressing the pin to get the coordinates.

That’s it, you have successfully learned how to find the GPS coordinate for any location, but if you still have any questions about this guide, feel free to ask them in the comment section.

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