How to Get a Free Minecraft License

Many players wonder what makes the licensed version of Minecraft different from pirate. After all, it just can’t be with such fundamental differences, and you have to spend a lot of money to buy an official copy.

How to Get a Free Minecraft License
How to Get a Free Minecraft License

How to Get a Free Minecraft License

Actually, it might be fine – so gamers are trying to find ways to get a license without paying for it. This dream is very common, but so far there is no serious claim as to whether any of the options have worked, so for now the free license is just a myth.

But considering this phenomenon is still worth it. Want to know how to get a free Minecraft license? You will be disappointed, but at the same time you can continue to hope that the result will be positive.

The difference between a license and a pirate

First of all, it’s worth understanding why so many players want so much to know that you will get a free Minecraft license. The truth is, at first glance, the licensed and pirated versions look the same, so many users are surprised that some of them are willing to pay too much for an official copy and some can be extraordinary as they spend a lot of time on the internet. free analog

The first difference is the servers. If you have an official version of the game, you can play it on official servers, be listed in various ratings, etc.

In addition, you can safely change the skins of the character, which are not available in pirated versions. And of course, you can not worry about any problems with the game, as the technical support will fix everything quickly, the pirated version does not imply the possibility of seeking help in principle.

As you can see, even with a superficial review, this difference is impressive – if you dig deeper, there are other differences too, many players will think about how you can get a Minecraft license for free.

Free license

As mentioned earlier, the answer to the question of how to license Minecraft for free will not please you. There is no proven method, but there are numerous video instructions on the network that offer this process.

In most cases, it allows you to register on a specific site, download certain applications that allow you to change skins (only visible to users of the same application and site), and worst of all that can add dangerous viruses to your computer.

Therefore, do not rely on such resources – many players have tried dozens of ways, but the free “Minecraft” license did not go to anyone.

Distribution games

If you are interested in how to get a “Minecraft” free license, you should consider participating in exclusive distributions. There are sites where you can register and participate in the distribution of games run by various communities, developers and casual players.

Among these games, there may be an official copy of Minecraft so you can try your luck. Perhaps luck will smile at you and you will get a license among all participants.


No matter how many options you have to get a free license for Minecraft, the most reliable way is still to buy it. After all, not all methods work or the chances of success are very low.

Therefore, it is better to postpone the funds and buy the official version that will stay with you forever. You can use it as much as you want.

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