How To Get Diamond Free Fire 2023

Before PUBG Mobile was released, Garena Free Fire first came and hooked the battle royale game lovers in December 2017.

Garena Free Fire has a gameplay similar to PUBG Mobile, but with more unique character animations. This game is still very popular in Indonesia because it does not require high HP specs.

How to Get Diamond Free Fire
How to Get Diamond Free Fire

If you are a Free Fire player, of course you are familiar with the in-game item purchase system or microtransactions .

Free Fire Diamond Generator, Can You Still?

Many sites claim to be able to give free FF Diamonds , one of which is the Free Fire Diamond Generator . and Free Fire Diamond Generator are quite popular among FF players because both claim to be able to provide lots of Free Fire diamonds for free and easily, gang.

However, this Diamond FF Generator basically won’t give Diamond FF, it can even lead to bombardment of spam ads in your email inbox.

Even worse, it could be that the site is a phishing site that could result in you robbing your FF account, gang.

How to get Diamond Free Fire Free & Legit

Just like other freemium games , Garena Free Fire also has an in-game currency called Diamonds .

Diamond Free Fire can be used to buy various items in the game, such as clothing, firearm skins, and other character accessories.

Many Free Fire players are looking for ways to get Diamond FF for free. The methods that can be done are fairly varied, including the fake Diamond Generator .

How to get Diamond FF for free and legit ? Following we summarizes the ways. Listen, let’s go!

1. Fill out the Survey on Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an application made by Google that often holds lottery surveys. Based on the description, Google Opinion Rewards will give surveys once a week.

Every time you complete a survey of Google Opinion Rewards, the Google Play Store account you will be given Credits of varying amounts.

However, basically Google Opinion Rewards cannot be downloaded in Indonesia. Alternatively, you can install Google Opinion Rewards from the link we have provided below.

Once installed, you can collect Google Play Credits by answering a set of surveys for the Diamond Free Fire top-up .

2. Conduct a Survey on AttaPoll

AttaPoll is an application on the Google Play Store that provides a short survey and can give you prizes in the form of credit on PayPal or BitCoin.

If you have a PayPal account, you can try AttaPoll. So, there will be a set of surveys that can be accessed in the AttaPoll application for you to answer.

Typically, these surveys are questions about digital products or consumer habits.

The survey is very easy, gang, you just need to click the answer that suits you and let AttaPoll fill in the credit in your account in the application.

Then, you can exchange this PayPal credit into Google Play Credit to buy Diamond Free Fire for free.

3. Fill out an Online Survey from JAKPAT

We or Poll also provides an online survey with prizes in the form of applications.

Our application is made by domestic developers that connect many local retail companies to reach wider consumers.

Similar to other online survey applications, We will reward you with a set of points.

These points can you eventually melt into money and you exchange into Diamond Free Fire in the game.

Survey with prizes in the JAKPAT application is quite diverse, ranging from questions about online shopping habits, favorite entertainment activities, and others.

4. Using the Cashtree Application

The next application that can be a medium to get Diamond Free Fire for free is Cashtree .

The basic function of Cashtree is as a lock screen application that will display advertisements when you unlock the cellphone screen.

Cashtree works with a number of well-known local brands to display advertisements that can earn points in the application.

The more points you collect, you can exchange it for local cellular operators such as Telkomsel, Indosat, Axis, XL, Tri, Smartfren.

Well, you can exchange this credit into Google Play Credits through the Play Store to buy Diamond Free Fire, gang.

5. Install Games and Applications from the AppStation

Playing games and installing applications to earn money is an AppStation concept .

You can also use this application to get Diamond Free Fire (FF) for free, gang.

AppStation will display a row of games and Android applications for you to install and play, then you can get a gift in the form of PayPal credit.

After accumulating a lot, you can exchange PayPal credit from AppStation to Google Play Credits to buy Diamond Free Fire for free.

6. Do a mission from AppNana

You can also use AppNana to get Diamond Free Fire for free.

The AppNana application does not provide surveys, but rather simple tasks or missions such as installing applications and games to earn points.

Every time you log in, you can get 400 Pineapples , as points in AppNana, a gang. In addition to doing tasks , you can also invite friends with referral codes for extra points.

The points that you already get in the AppNana application you can use to get Google Play Credits for buying Diamond Free Fire through the in-game microtransaction menu .

7. Working on Quizzes from the PulKuis Application

Don’t install applications or do surveys, gang; PulQuiz application can be a way to get Diamond FF free by doing online quizzes.

This collection of quiz questions in the PulKuis app is about general knowledge, with 7 quiz categories that you can choose from Mathematics to Art.

Every time you collect 11000 PulQuiz points , you can exchange them into 10 thousand rupiah pulses to be exchanged for Diamond Free Fire after purchasing Google Play Credits .

As many as 11,000 points can be exchanged into 10 thousand pulses, the multiples apply, gang.

8. Complete Tasks from PopSlide

PopSlide is a reward application that can be one way to get the next free Diamond FF.

It is not directly, but you can get credit from a number of tasks in the application, such as roulette , share store links, or other simple things like shopping online.

Daily roulette in the PopSlide application is one of the easiest ways to get points to be exchanged for Diamond Free Fire which is first cashed into pulses.

Cellular providers supported by this pulse-generating application include Telkomsel Simpati, Kartu As, Indosat Im3, Mentari, XL Axiata, and 3 (Three).

After getting credit, you can exchange it to Google Play Credits to get free Diamond FF.

The final word

The 8 applications above are a collection of ways to get Diamond Free Fire for free .

Unlike using the FF Diamond Generator, the methods above can provide Diamond FF legally and truly works .

For those of you who are addicted to action in the game Diamond Free Fire and want to get a Diamond to buy items, hopefully the above method can help.

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