How To Get Free PSN Codes

Who doesn’t like getting things for free, right? I know that most of you spend your free time searching Google for free PSN discount codes or free PSN codes!

How to Get Free PSN codes
How to Get Free PSN codes

How to Get Free PSN codes

One of our most popular posts on No Human Verification is to win free Google Play codes, free codes for Amazon gift cards and all the drawbacks of these: “Free Gift Cards”.

However, as they say, there is nothing free in this world, not even friendship. They always want something in return. But the methods mentioned below don’t want you to spend money.

Now it’s possible to earn free PSN codes. But unfortunately, there are dozens of scams happening on the web and thousands of people a day are being tricked and abused.

Hopefully, by defining things with truth, with zero nonsense.

The PlayStation network (PSN):

ThePlayStation Network, commonly known as PSN, is a service provided by the digital multimedia entertainment industry by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

It was made available to people in November 2006 and was originally intended only for PlayStation video game consoles. But as it gained popularity, it was also accessible via smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray players and even high-definition TVs.

It is a subscription service which is top quality and used primarily to enhance the gaming experience as well as to incorporate.

Some social features (PlayStation Plus), streaming movies, rentals and even purchases (PlayStation Video), cloud TV programming service (PlayStation Vue), music streaming (PlayStation Music) and also a game service via the cloud called PlayStation Now.

Get free PSN codes

If you want to get PSN codes, that too for free, then look no further as we might have just what you’re looking for.

Thus, you will not need to do complicated tasks or surveys to access the codes you need.

1. Free Giveaways

One thing is that you can never be satisfied with a few games while owning a PlayStation. You can’t easily have fun with buying a few once in a while, because they are expensive.

Now there are a lot of YouTubers and People on the social platform who will give gifts of PSN codes. The requirement to enter the gift will be that you must subscribe to or follow their channel.

You can follow the history of the announced winners, with links to the winner’s real social media profiles. You can also find the gift list in the subreddit / r / gifts.

So, once you’ve selected the target subreddit for PSN codes, copy the URL and head to

In the search bar, enter the following phrase or keyword

“Psn code site:” (without the quotes)

By doing such things, you can ask Google to search for specific keywords (“PSN code” in this case) on a particular website ( You can change the keyword in case you cannot find what you are looking for.

Important note: You should always use the toolbar and select for recent searches at least last month. No obligation to be all excited about a 2 year gift is there?

Now we are talking!

CardPool is the most popular in this category. You can get more details on the trading terms and conditions on its official website.

Back to basics, you should keep this in mind that you can use the above method to search for a website / subreddit. So if you want to try your luck on reddit / r / gifts, here is a quick list of other links where you might just mark free PSN gift card codes that you desperately need:

2. Get free PSN codes using point sites

As mentioned in previous posts regarding generator scams, each time you fill an offer, you will earn the site owner between $ 0.20 and $ 3 while they scam you.

Reward point sites work by giving you the chance to earn points by completing offers.

But you should always check the terms of the offers on the site. Most of the time, 10-15% are unable to redeem their reward points due to their geographic location.

Many of them also offer cash payments through PayPal balance, etc.

To get started, here is a list of the most popular sites and work points, where you can earn free PSN codes:

  • PrizeRebel
  • PointsPrizes
  • GrabPoints

So if you live in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Northern Europe or Australia, there is a good chance that you will have more offers available on these sites.

Outside of these locations, there will be far fewer offers and therefore, would be much more difficult to convert. In such cases, I recommend that you start looking for referral programs on their site.

These sites often have effective referral programs for users to earn a lot of additional reward points by simply inviting their friends and bringing in new users using the referral links.

3. Bargaining codes or the barter system

Chances are, for example, that a person may receive a PSN code for their birthday present or win it in an offer (because you can’t) that they don’t want or are not interested in.

One of the best online platforms is the popular ‘reddit’ and ‘eBay’ if you are desperate enough to spend a little out of your pocket.

However, the / r / psncodes subreddit is a great site / community for sharing PSN codes you don’t want. So that someone else might appreciate them.

You will need to be quick, as hundreds of users are eagerly awaiting new daily messages!

Free Online PSN Codes: Should I Trust Websites If They Appear On The First Page Of Search Engines?

NO! Don’t be fooled that a site is real, just because they have managed to rank at the top of search engines like Google, Bing, etc. This is the first psychological trick that scam developers use in small niches like this.

Scam designers and artists have learned to use highly competitive “Churn and Burn” link building strategies, which temporarily force their generator websites to top the search engine rankings with Black Hat SEO. We have seen many competitors offering the same position and including a fake PSN code generator in between.

Link Chain websites

They are known as “Chain Link” sites because they are a digital version of chain letters. But really, these sites have no accepted names.

Developers and Freeloaders use such domains which are in preparation, ready to become generator websites. Think of them as mini scams or malware before the main course.

When you visit one of these seemingly direct sites, they also show you a fuzzy or masked PSN code that would be “ready to use”. You will get a referral link, and the website will tell you that you need to ask 10-20 other users to click on your referral link to unlock the ready to use PSN code.

Usually, they have a simple progression route that looks like a checkout basket in stages:

  • Share the referral link.
  • Get 10 or 20 clicks of unique visitors; You have 0/20 so far!
  • Unlock the rest of your free PSN code.

Recently updated websites also boast a database so you can fall under the illusion that they are actually working and count how many people you have referred. On the flip side, real referral programs have real sources of revenue, and they don’t just count on clicks, but count real conversions.

The purpose of these sites is to waste your time sending broken referral links all over the web. It benefits in building backlinks to search engines and ranks so that developers can finally hatch it into a full-fledged PSN code generator site.

Final words

So everything was on the PSN codes. You can easily subscribe or fall victim to scams if you are stupid enough to believe it. There could be a website offering hundreds of free PSN codes to each visitor.

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