How to Get Rid of the Low Storage Space Notification

Just imagine an event where you wanted to download the latest song sent by a friend or via a website but couldn’t. Once you open the notification window, a notification appears that the storage space is running low. Of course upset yourself, right?

How to Get Rid of the Low Storage Space Notification
How to Get Rid of the Low Storage Space Notification

How to Get Rid of the Low Storage Space Notification

The story doesn’t end there. When you swipe the screen so that the notification disappears, it turns out you can’t. The notification is still there.

Have you experienced it?

Relax, you are not alone. You see, there are thousands – maybe millions – of Android cellphone users out there who have experienced something similar. Especially those who use an Android cellphone with an internal memory of 16GB or smaller, usually the easiest to deal with this.

Then, what should you do?

The solution for most users is of course hiding these notifications. In fact, that is not really a solution. The problem is the notification will appear again.

So, you need to know the root of the problem first. After that, then you can run a method of eliminating almost all storage space.

So, so that you don’t repeatedly face the same problem, let’s see a more complete description of the notifications on this Android phone.

Why is memory full fast even though there are few applications?

There are several factors that cause this to happen. Launching a Google Help page, here are the factors that cause HP’s internal memory to fill up quickly.

Large Application Size

Yes, you can experience the question above, maybe because the size of the application is quite large. So, even though you only have a few applications, if the size is large, it will still fill up storage space, right?

For example, the free memory capacity found on a cellphone is 16GB. This means that users can install up to 8 applications. With a note, each application is 2GB in size – the size of the latest mobile games.

But that’s just the application that will be installed, you know. Not including the type of default application and system or firmware applications

Pile of Cache Files

Apart from applications, cache files also affect the appearance of full storage memory notifications even though the application is small. If you rarely delete junk files, they can often accumulate up to several GB. Of course it’s a shame if that capacity is only used to storecache, right?

Therefore, you should often delete this file type. No need every day, just every few days. You see, even though the cache file takes up memory, this file type also has its own function. Namely, making application processing in retrieving data run faster.

How to get rid of running out of storage space?

If you already know the factors that cause the appearance of the file, now is the time to run a method of eliminating almost full storage space on your Android phone.

Curious? Continue to listen to the description below, yes.

Delete Unused Applications

This could be the first step you can take. Select an application that is no longer used if it is used. If there isn’t, select it based on the service. If you can access the service from the application via the website, it’s better if you delete it.

At least it can minimize RAM performance and save internal memory capacity, right? Examples includee-commerce applications(Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, and others), social media applications (Twitter, Facebook, or Messenger), and many more.

Use the Lite Version Application

Luckily, each application developer also understands the obstacles that Android users often face. Especially large application developers. So, the developer also launched the Lite, or compact version of the application.

For example, Facebook launched the FB Lite and Messenger Lite applications, to Tencent with the PUBG Mobile Lite game.

In terms of function, there is nothing different between the normal and light versions. It’s just that, for the Lite version of the application, it usually lacks features and services. Only filled with main services only.

Clean Cache Files

As mentioned above, the cache file is one of the factors that causes this notification to appear. Therefore, the third way to get rid of low storage is to delete the cache files.

It’s easy, really. Open theSettings application, enter theAppmenu orApplication Manager, then click one of the large applications. If you have entered, tap the buttonStorageorStoragemenu and selectClear CacheorClear Cache.

So, those are the various ways to get rid of your running out of storage space that you can do yourself. So, you don’t need to worry if this notification appears. Immediately apply one of the steps above, yes.

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