How To Get Skyrim Etheric Crown

Skyrim Etheric Crown: Ether crown is an ancient Dwemer work that can be obtained by completing the Missing Across Ages mission. How to create this magic item and learn the advantages it offers you from this compilation.

How to Get Skyrim Etheric Crown
How to Get Skyrim Etheric Crown

How to Get Skyrim Etheric Crown

How to take an artifact

The ether crown was created in a special magic forge. For this you need the following materials:

  • ethereal emblem;
  • gold ingot (2 pieces);
  • Dwemer bar (2 pieces);
  • flawless sapphire (2 pieces).

To find a forge, you have to go through the “Lost in Centuries” mission. This task will be available after installing the plugin Dawnguard. To activate the mission, go to the Dwemer remains of the Arkntams located south of Market.

You will meet Catherine, an adventurer who died in this place during an earthquake. He will tell the secret of the old workshop – Forge Etheria. But before you get to this place, you will find many adventures in the Skyrim game. The ether crown will only be available at the very end. By the way, you need to collect four pieces of ester.

Where to look for magic things

At the end of the Arkansas ruins, you will find the first ether piece. You will meet a few Falmer and Corus along the way, so you can stock up with antidote and healing potions.

It will eventually be a little mystery, and to solve it, you have to enter the spinning spheres on the wall in a certain order. In Catherine’s diary, you will find a hint and a note from the body of an adventurer.

The next place to look for will be the Deep Public Interchange. This place is located in the northeast of Markhart. There are no enemies or riddles here, so it will be easy to find a trailer. The ether crown was one step closer, now our path lies in Mzulft (ruins south of Windhelm).

No problem here too – remove the fracture and go to Raldbthar (southwest of Windhelm). This place is quite dangerous because Falmer settled here so don’t forget to prepare for the trip. At the end of the location, you will find the last piece.


The ethereal crown awaits us in the ancient ruins of Btalfta, south of Aivarsted. You can find gangsters that are not very strong inside. Take the pedestal and place the parts in it, then the elevator forge opens.

However, reaching the ground will not be easy – it will be blocked by Dwemer spheres and protection spiders. You will eventually find a fight with a centurion and a blacksmith master.

But while dealing with them, you can go to the forge and create your own reward, and this can be an ethereal crown, a staff, or a shield. There are also various chests where you can buy useful and expensive items.

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